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Luxxxe Studios Readies Debut Release

PALM SPRINGS, Calif.– Veteran performer and also Luxxxe Studios creator JD Daniels gets on pins and also needles as he preps for the release of “Pals in Warm,” the initial series from his inceptive tag.

“We’re trying to develop a whole experience around this project,” he tells XBIZ. “We intend to offer you the complete Hollywood treatment. I can not await everybody to see it.”

A teaser trailer was released previously today that fixates Luxxxe special as well as brand ambassador Justin Yurmouth.

“Friends in Heat” is called a sexual daytime soap “loaded with outrageous, suspenseful, steamy shocks that will have followers wanting a lot more,” teased a rep.

The first episode, titled “A Blast From the Past” and also costarring Brian Bonds, is slated for release this spring under the instructions of seasoned director Jasun Mark in partnership with supervisor of photography Anthony Duran and digital photographer Mark Hersh.

The series additionally features Matteo Nevaeh, Aaron Instructor and also Jake Waters, to name a few.

Yurmouth as well as Bonds play hot friends whose simmering passion powers the “Will they or won’t they?” storyline. “It ends up being very reasonable, extremely extreme as well as passionate, and causes an explosive situation at the end,” teased Daniels. “There is a trigger, a fire, as they determine to check out each various other’s needs and also see how far they can take things within the limit of their relationship.”

Daniels commended Duran as “wonderfully helpful” for assisting him build his creative team and for bringing Mark aboard. Yurmouth, who has promptly end up being the face of Luxxxe, first gotten in touch with Daniels at a pre-pandemic market networking event organized by

“Justin is a helluva terrific guy, really committed. He was fairly a character at this party, cracking jokes and also being a genuine funnyman,” Daniels remembers. “I loved his character and also we simply stayed in touch. He’s extremely hot, really sex-related. And he has a fantastic sense of humor. So I offered this suggestion of coming aboard as a special and he got on it. He’s been with us because the start.”

When it was time to cast the co-lead for “Pals in Warmth,” Daniels lovingly recalled a cracklingly sexual self-produced clip on including Yurmouth, Mason Lear and Bonds.

“I knew Justin wished to deal with Brian once again. I mean, you might tell the chemistry was currently there from that clip,” claimed Daniels. “As well as Brian hasn’t been cast in a lot of lead duties. He really kept up it. I’m so happy with them both. I assume target markets are really going to appreciate seeing them interact and also adhere to along as their tale creates.”

He explains Luxxxe as “a brand with a touch of class, an actual deluxe brand, as the name recommends,” and “Friends in Heat”has actually been meticulously made to convey this visual. “The entire series conveys beauty, some bitchiness, some aggression. The sort of design you don’t constantly enter gay grown-up movies.”

An especially prolific entertainer, Daniels has taken his profession in a brand-new instructions with the launch of his studio, which coincided with his 2021 Raven’s Eden Honor for “Entertainer of the Decade.”

The inaugural laurel was shared with Zario Travezz and also Daniels remains proud of the recognition.

“The fact that 2 men of color won that award is incredibly significant to me,” he shares. “That type of acknowledgment does not come extremely commonly. It informs me that I had an effect on my followers. As well as now I want to carry the torch forward.”

He notes that many challenges when driving to obtaining his firm off the ground only reinforced his resolve. “The pandemic set every little thing back,” he said. “Yet with Justin and so numerous various other unbelievable, innovative people coming aboard, that understands exactly how far this can go?”

Browse Through Luxxxe Studios on Twitter for the teaser trailer to “Buddies in Heat.”

Luxxxe Studios

(L-R): Yurmouth, Daniels, Bonds


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