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Mae Victoria: Kylie Ireland’s Got a Dog Face and I’m Cute

Porn Valley- I had a chat with the very amiable and very controversial Mae Victoria Thursday afternoon.

Perhaps after this interview, even more so.

Victoria who’s humorously described herself as the “porn whore creature from the dumpster lagoon” is certainly one of the most colorful women I’ve spoken to in this business in quite awhile. Which is strange because she doesn’t sound like or strike you as a mental patient.

We talked about her drama with Stoney Curtis which brought Victoria Internet prominence, not exactly in a positive way. And now she’s got a new one- a situation involving Kylie Ireland. We’ll get to that in a second.

The Curtis drama started off with him posting on that Victoria was “a serious danger to the industry.”

Victoria fired back with some comments of her own claiming that Curtis was guilty of privacy infringement because he had put a voice mail she left him on YouTube. Victoria says Curtis’ original comments about her being a danger hurt her financially.

“He really has hurt me. He marred my reputation unnecessarily,” claims Victoria.

“It’s completely unfair. That site is attacking Jaylene Rio. What kind of bullshit is that? If anyone slights them, they’re going to turn around with a bad review and have this fantasy of destroying someone’s business.”

“Apparently it works. It started where Stoney Curtis wanted me to go around Lisa Ann, and his assistant booked a job. I told them I wasn’t interested. Then he calls and lies to Lisa Ann about what I said. He gets me thrown off Lisa Ann’s site; he gets me thrown off of Foxxx Modeling’s site all because I refused to go around the agencies.”

“I was furious and left him a phone call. The man cost me a lot of money.”

Victoria claims she lost something like $10,000 in work because of Curtis.

“So I told him he better get his credit card out. I was upset. Then he had the nerve to post it on YouTube. That’s when I contacted an attorney. I can’t allow someone to rob me like that without being sued. It gets to the point where you can bad mouth somebody all you want, but it’s gone too far when you start illegally taking someone’s property and posting it like he did.

“He will have to settle because there’s no way he can get away with saying that he didn’t. He blatantly posts his name to it. He just doesn’t understand the implications to privacy infringement. Linda Tripp made $600,000 in her case.”

Victoria will tell you quite candidly that she makes her money escorting.

“We all know this,” says Victoria who swears she has an active legal case against Curtis.

“It’s pain and suffering and embarrassing. How much can a person take? Most girls would just get over it. But the YouTube message? That’s a privacy infringement. It’s very illegal and pretty much he’s fucked with my livelihood to where I’ve had to dye my hair and shave my pussy. I had no alternative. I even had clients calling me saying they heard that message. This is a witch hunt. You can abuse someone to a point.”

I asked Victoria why with the escorting is she even bothering with porn.

“You’re making proportionately less because of the fact that you’re on set for hours.”

“You’re right,” says Victoria. “That was my point in the phone message. Better off staying here in Hollywood being a hooker.”

What I didn’t understand about Victoria’s drama is that an agent would instantly side with the producer without hearing her out.

“Now you’ve signed up with Jim South- he’s a great guy- but why would you continue with the abuse?” I asked her.

“It’s like when you were a teenager and were first hanging out and sneaking out,” Victoria explains. “Fucking around, having a good time and drinking beers and swimming in pools. And the police are running after you in city parks and you’re lighting little fires and cooking hot dogs.

“You’re having fun. That’s what this business is. It’s like summer camp. It’s fucked up, it’s crazy, and it’s fun. It’s a drug in of itself with all these crazy people hitting on you and people walking around with their tits hanging out. It’s a sex circus.”

Victoria, who’s 39, says she got into the business last year. She mentions in passing that she never went to high school, although she doesn’t sound like a moron by any stretch. Victoria continues to say that the porn industry continues to give you what you lose once you’re past your teens.

“You lose that wildness and that curiosity of wanting to know what it’s like to live this way and have this lifestyle,” she points out. “I still have it in me. I still feel wild and want to experience.”

Because she’s outspoken and very much her own person, Victoria says this gets her in trouble on sets.

“I’ve been thrown off sets,” she claims. “There are some guys in the business that are just Grade A ogres. They don’t introduce themselves and they stare at you like a caveman. And I’m going to have sex with this guy? It’s the ogre with a comb over who grunts out his name.”

Victoria also describes the mild-mannered Mark Wood as an “ogre”.

“He threw me out of his house,” she insists. “He would say things under his breath while fucking me in the ass. He’d tell me I’m lazy and his wife’s shooting it saying, ‘that’s how you give a blowjob?’”

I tell Victoria, in all fairness, I’ve never seen Wood behave in the bizarre manner she’s describing.

“I think I bring out the worst in certain performers- I really do,” Victoria thinks.

“Because I have a standard- when I walk in anyone’s house, I expect people to say hello to me. And when you walk in a normal person’s house you say hello. The person whose dick is going to go in my ass should say, hi, I’m such and such. You walk on porn shoots that’s not the case. The case is this unspoken, hateful event around everyone who’s wondering who is this whore? Who is this bitch?”

“A lot of people in this business are really low on social skills unless they’ve had a few,” I remind Victoria.

“Well this is the part that definitely has me misunderstood in this business,” Victoria replies, claiming that a few directors are now mocking her because of her insistence upon a ceremonial exchange of pleasantries.

“Or I’ll ask when I walk into a house where I can put my bag, and some people will just point- like a dog,” she says.

“As soon as I walk into someone’s house I want to feel like I’m safe. And a lot of these places really have terrible attitudes and I feel like I should be on my defensive, too.”

“There are some horrible shoots that I’ve been on lately,” continues Victoria.

“Like with this woman Kylie Ireland? It was so obvious. She must have been totally jealous. She couldn’t stand me. It was awful. To her I was a cunt and it was obvious she was saying things to the talent. And she doesn’t come across as the nicest person, in general, anyway. Her MySpace is all about, if you’re stupid and ask stupid questions, don’t be stupid.”

“I went to hug her when I first met her, and she was completely stone cold hard,” Victoria claims.

And, according to Victoria, she was manhandled by Derick Pierce during their scene together. She puts the description of it a little more bluntly. I ask her to define excatly what happened.

“When you’re telling a person you’re not happy and can’t stand it and you’re telling them to stop, and they keep fucking you,” submits Victoria.

“And he’s a moron. He sounds like a black guy. He thinks he’s the most beautiful guy in the world. I know what he did. Kylie Ireland started talking shit about me and then he wanted to show her what he could do to me.”

“My ass was bleeding,” continues Victoria. “And Derick Pierce has a little dick. Okay, average size. And I’ve fucked big cocks like Mr. Marcus. He injured me. He was biting me and what Ireland was doing, essentially, was picking people against me. Then Derick went and took my car keys. He had me sitting there. He stole my car keys.”

“I don’t get that- why would he steal your key cars?” I ask Victoria.

“I don’t know,” she says. “Maybe Kylie Ireland hates me that much?”

“But you got your keys back?”

“After several hours of waiting around,” claims Victoria. “I called him every hour on the hour.”

“The long end of this?” says Victoria. “Kylie Ireland’s got a dog face, and I’m cute. She will always have a dog face and I will always be beautiful. My ass can bleed but her face will always look like a dog. She’ll always have a mutt face. But she can take a picture. She’s a good model. She’s a good performer. But, man, that woman has a face that needs a little bit of help.”

“Everyone warned me about being careful with anal but I didn’t get it until I got a performer who looked to hurt me.”

According to Victoria, what added insult to injury was her face being cut off the boxcover of Ireland’s movie Mommie Rearest.

“They deliberately picked the ugly photos of me and tried to make me look like trailer trash. But it doesn’t make any sense because it’s her product. She’s lost her mind with ego.”

Victoria does admit she got paid $1200 to do the scene.

“I was so excited to meet women in the business, and I have to say they’re more vicious than any of the men I’ve met,” she says.

Victoria tells me she started doing anal at the age of 22, but her boyfriend at the time didn’t like it.

“Then I started going back into it when I was 30- it’s a lot of fun- but you have to orgasm to do it. But if someone’s hurting you while you’re doing it, there’s no other pain like it. I wasn’t the same for a few weeks after that Kylie Ireland shoot.”

I ask Victoria how she wound up getting in escorting.

“Instead of getting picked up in these bars at two in the morning, I figured I might as well get fucked and paid for it,” she answers.

“I don’t want a boyfriend. A woman after 35 who wants to be single should be an escort even if she has a regular job. It’s a lot of fun. You meet a lot of guys. You make good money and the sex is good and interesting. Don’t let anyone lead you to believe otherwise.”

Asked if she’s run into any coked-out crazies in her occupation, Victoria says she gets a quick sense of that at the door.

“I don’t have the patience for that. I only accept guys who claim to have professional jobs and sound like a professional,” she says.

“If it’s some guy who has the ebonic sound, I put them in their place. I love the fellas. I love the black cock and I have black cock clients but if they’re not attorneys or if they’re not talking in a certain manner they’re not getting through this front door.”

Victoria tells me about one client who “head butted” her like a bull.

“This weird little Asian man had a mustache like a Fu Manchu. I knew I shouldn’t have let him in but he was my size- five foot- and buff like a guy who works out in the gym all day long. He’s some travel writer. So I get naked and take his money. He starts from one end of the room to the other like a bull. And he goes to charge at me and hit me like a bull. I just ran for the door with his money in my hand, naked. I told him to get his clothes and get the fuck out. That’s the only weird experience I think I had.

“I threw his money out the door, and here’s this little Asian man running after his money. Then I closed the door.”

“I’m a little girl and people, by nature, when you’re smaller, they want to kill you,” Victoria theorizes.

“It’s just the law of nature. Like I’m tiny but when I find a woman tinier than me I’ll go she’s really small. And people like to do things. They push me or do strange things. Men love small woman, but there’s a lot of abusive men out there that love tiny women to beat them. So I have to be especially careful. I don’t like the S&M scene at all because of that.”


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