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Mandalay Bay Show was a “Complete and Utter Joke”; the Venetian’ hookers have a secret door?

Porn Valley- We covered some of the AEE topics addressed by Veronica Rayne on her recent visit to KSEX, but Rayne had much more to say that evening.

Rayne who was on a tear about The Venetian said she didn’t want anyone to stay there ever again.

“I’m wondering if it’s because we didn’t have the awards dinner at the hotel this year,” she surmised. “We had it at The Mandalay Bay which was a complete and utter joke. Like the beer and nachos in the plastic cups. They were just a little too much for me to handle…and the rude security.”

Rayne made the point that last year was fun and The Venetian seemed to be fine with things. Rayne again addressed the drama involving the rousting of a 20 year-old over some weed in her handbang.

“I said to the hotel why don’t you take care of the hookers and pimps down at The Circle Bar. Their response was, we’re working on it. And when I informed them that I knew where the door is that they let the personal hookers in, I was asked how did I know about that. One of the producers actually told me about it.”

Rayne’s husband Jack Vegas also came on the show. Vegas said he was likewise appalled by the hotel’s behavior and the harassment his friends had to endure.

“And it was for silly shit.”

Rayne claimed she and Vegas were harassed at three in the morning last Sunday.

“We had $108 coming back to us,” she said, explaining that it had to do with the in-room bar.

“It was put on a senser wave which they didn’t tell anybody.” Host Tony Batman said that really wasn’t big news.

“But we didn’t know that and we were putting in drinks from downstairs,” Rayne said. “When they tried to give us back $58 I said what is this? They turned and said you took more drinks out. I said we didn’t have the bar re-filled. There wasn’t $60 worth of stuff to take out of the bar. We didn’t take anything out and when I started complaining about it, they told me if I didn’t stop complaining I was going to be escorted out of the hotel.”

“I’m barred from the hotel now,” Rayne announced. “They said please do not ever make a reservation here again. We will not accept it. Obviously I will not be going back there and will do everything in my power to make people not stay there.”

Rayne said if they piss her off bad enough, she will destroy the hotel.

But Rayne kept insisting that she and Vegas didn’t really have the problems, it was everyone surrounding them.

“A lot of the girls were running to our room: help us, help us, help us.”

Rayne also claimed someone she knew was kicked out of the hotel in a beef over incidental fees.

Vegas said the hotel actually put security guards outside girls’ doors.

“We’re talking 20 year-old girls- their first time at AVN- having security guards put outside their doors,” Rayne said. “That’s absurd to me. I never heard that. The rent-a-cops were in high gear. They were exercising have little right they had and if you questioned anything their response was we have the right to kick you out of the hotel.”

It wasn’t clear why, but Rayne said something about re-signing in on Monday under her real name. And when she did that, she was treated with all the amenities.

“The bed was turned down with chocolates- in the whole five days we were there, the bed was never turned down with chocolates. I got chocolates on my last day because they thought I was someone else.”

Vegas went on to tell a story about Chris at Pink Visuals losing his job because he came down with the flu.

“He was in his hotel room for two days,” Vegas continued. “He was screwed up for those two days and I just got the word that he relinquished his duties.”

Rayne aid she felt bad for the guy but she was sick as well.

“When you need to be on the floor, be on the floor,” she said. “I feel bad for him because he’s a very nice guy. But if I was in charge of something, and someone said there’s a million problems and girls are screaming and yelling, you need to be on the floor.”

Rayne said she didn’t go on the floor the last day of the show and apologized to her fans for that.

“I was extremely sick on Saturday and finally crashed.” Rayne said as sick as she was she was willing to go there in her pajamas.

“I said get me a bucket and I will be on the floor in my pajams- that’s what you have to do.”

Rayne continued to say that she had a blast at AEE. Batman then brought up the awards show noting that the public bought tickets, in the first place, to mingle with the porn people.

“That’s good- we love our fans,” Rayne commented.

“But it got so overcrowded there was no room for the porn people,” Batman noted. “Then what’s the point of selling tickets to the public to see the porn people?”

Rayne said she was told at 9:15 she couldn’t get on the red carpet. Batman mentioned how in years past at The Venetian everyone got on the red carpet.

“It was the photographers’ choice as to where and who they shot,” he said.

“If someone was not ‘famous’ enough to put in their pictures, cool. But the fans and photographers were allowed to line the carpet and everyone was allowed to take pictures when they were all dressed up. It was a lot of fun for the fans, the photographers and people walking on the carpet. In the past couple of years it has changed. This time I went to the award show- they told me I needed to step aside even though I was with a date that was nominated for an award.

“They stopped the crowd and said if you’re not nominated for an award, you will not be allowed to walk on the red carpet. If you’re not in one of the 110 nominations, you were not allowed to walk on the carpet. I thought that’s off, but the girl I’m with was nominated. If you were with someone who was nominated or were escorting someone who was nominated you walk off to the side and meet them at the end of the carpet.”

Because of the logistics, Batman said you had to walk into a different entrance than your date and met them in a crowd of fans.

“It was ridiculous,” Rayne agreed.

“That is unacceptable,” added Vegas. Batman also agreed but said he wasn’t going to go off on the show saying it was horrible and never going again.

“To me that’s like our Super Bowl.”

“It’s our Grammys- I was very proud to be there,” said Rayne. “I love it- I’m just hoping they’re more conscientious next year where they have it. Because beer in plastic ups and nachos?”

“It was like a monster truck-pull,” laughed Vegas.

“It was inappropriate and the security was awful,” Rayne added. “They were very rude to us. I just hope next year they’re more conscientious about where performers are staying and where they’re having the awards.”

Batman said it was true that the only snacks and food that were offered were at the concession stand.

“They were nachos, hot dogs beer and chips,” Batman said. Rayne also pointed out there were pretzels with cheese available as well along with the flat beer.

The seating arrangements were also called into question.

“A lot of people were taking five minutes to walk all the way down in front of the bleacher seats,” said Vegas.

“They need to tweak it,” said Batman.

“Tweak it? I would never have it there again,” said Rayne.


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