Manwin: Rob Black Told You So

Everybody’s talking about Manwin the last coupla days. That has been the little buzz.

Fabian Thylmann was bought out and they have let people go. If you go over to hillbilly boy Mike South’s site they talk about it. If you look at the message boards. All of these places talk about an issue that I’m not real sure why we keep rehashing and it’s kinda funny when more of this stuff unfolds, more and more people wake up and say, Wow, Rob Black was saying that.

You know, from day one when this Manwin fiasco started in the business, what, four years ago when I got out of prison, I had told people what the skinny was. When all these different news sources from hillbilly boy Mike South to GFY, everybody was talking about tubesites and DMCA notices, at one point I said enough already. Just stop doing business with Manwin entities.

Everyone was talking about Manwin and these big conspiracies. At the end of the day Manwin was a huge company that was nobody’s friend and came into a business that desperately needed cash. Everybody sucked the dick of a foreign entity that came up with these various Ponzi schemes to take over aspects of the adult business. Don’t feel too duped because Playboy fell for it hook, line and sinker also and they are not considered ignorant Valley porn people. Manwin was pretty good at taking money and making people blind.

All Manwin did was come in and bullshit everybody and like a woman will tell another woman how to work it. Work it good. You have the two sides to a relationship, the side where you’re together for a year and the side when you’re together for 5 years. You see all these different things factor in and now what we’re seeing is an arrogant, Nazi-like regime and basically seeing Manwin for who they are. Manwin was always a bunch of scheming, scamming scoundrels.

And Fabian was that front. Fabian was always that cute, doughy boy that came straight out of a bad Nazi parody. Cute doughy Fabian walked around with Kayden Kross and he had his little hoody on and his little jeans portraying himself as a man of the people.

Same thing when they tried to represent Theo Sapoutzis as the owner of AVN with the T-shirt and hoody and acid washed jeans. That is the front. Because you can’t have a fifty year old well dressed Aryan sympathizer or an Anton Ferook start out. They had to have the fat doughy boy that was going to come in and save the business. He was the chubby kid that went on GFY and invented NATS in his mother’s basement and played with the affiliates and all the people know Fabian. “Hey Fabian! He’s one of us! He lives in his mommy’s basement!”

Yeah guys, he was a front you idiots. Once doughboy and doughboy two Theo came in, remember AVN is owned by Manwin. They are a propaganda machine owned by Manwin. Manwin didn’t realize that the bottom would fall out of the business in general. Take a look at the Elegant Angel article, it was the most bizarre press release/ad. It was a press release article that said Elegant Angel was not dead and they’re going to be at AEE, and Asa Akira was going to be there promoting her Insatiable line or whatever, splitting her time with her contract with Wicked. And you should all get your tickets for AEE because Elegant Angel’s gonna be there even though you all thought they were bankrupt.

So buy your booth and buy your tickets. What the fuck was that?

AVN is owned by Manwin, and just like you had little Fabian Thylmann running around with his hoody, instead of having a corporate image like a Paul Fishbein, you had Theo Sapoutzis with his t-shirt. “Hi guys, I’m Theo. I own AVN. I know nothing about running a magazine, I’m from the internet world. But I love porn!” Theo just happened to be the fat little fall guy for Manwin, because you couldn’t go in there with a bunch of Eurotrash gangsters that looked like the krugerrand guys from South Africa in Lethal Weapon. You couldn’t go in there with Anton Ferook and Hans Schnitzlegruber and say ” Hello, ve are Manvin and ve are buying all of your Jewish propaganda!”

So Manwin came in, bought AVN, got rid of Paul Fishbein and put their own friendly faced Hogan’s Heroes patsy in there who looked like Jonah Hill from Superbad with Steve Javors as McLovin.

So you have this front portrayed as a bunch of lovable losers. I tell ya, it’s a sitcom.

So with Manwin, you have this Nazi-like regime and you can’t have them come in with the voice and the strident attitude, so you have these lovable losers like Theo tow the line for their commandants. You never have anyone in a position of prominence in a company in America that’s German because once you hear that voice… It’s frightening!

So you have three fronts for Manwin entities, Theo, Fabian and big doofy Scott Justice the American and they are the three doofus goofbags who are totally non threatening. Too stupid to be dangerous. You have the American arm of Manwin headed by three goofballs. You see Theo Sapoutszis and you think that guy would never do anything to hurt me, he’s a friendly little teddy bear. You send Scott Justice a pretty girl and give him a handjob and he’ll make her a contract girl for Digital Playground.

Now you’re hearing about all these shakeups that are happening. Now that Manwin has gotten everyone comfortable and accustomed to the money that they have and the way they operate you find out who’s really in charge. Now the real people will be revealed.

People would think how can a billion dollar company be run by a guy in a sweatshirt who invented tracking codes in his mother’s basement and argues with people on message boards? Manwin created this front that the American porn industry would feel comfortable with as the big muckety muck grand poobah.

So now the real owners are being revealed and they’re firing people. They’re dumping companies that they don’t need because they only acquired them to destroy them. You know what Manwin is? It’s Wall Street and Gordon Gekko and companies like Digital Playground are Blue Star Airlines in a pump and dump scheme. Manwin came in and promised everybody, “We’re gonna keep everything the same, but we’re just gonna improve on it and make it better with our money and our global influence.”

Manwin bought Digital Playground and everybody went, “Yay!” I said, what are you talking about? They’re done. They didn’t get 20 or 30 million. They got a coupla million. You had two people Joone and Samantha Lewis that were able to cash out and say I’m gone and that was it.

Manwin was gonna come in and take Digital Playground to the next level and how long did that last? Everyone’s bullshit contracts eventually expired and every single one of them were quietly let go. They were all told to sit there and not work and collect the money while it was there.

So Digital Playground went from a company doing movies like Top Gun and Pirates to a content company basically acquired to pad their bottom line.

Fabian was a guy in charge of billion of dollars? Bullshit. He was the fall guy. The patsy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fabian ended up in the Rhine river. Remember, we’re not talking about here in LA, we’re talking about Germany and Luxembourg and Cyprus.

Manwin is stripping away all of their fronts and the real Nazis and terrorists are being revealed. Remember Manwin had the performer testing subsidy fund at PASS and Cutting Edge and the funding was pulled because Mike South was saying mean things to Fabian and now of course Fabian’s out of Manwin.

They say that was part of the old regime and now here’s the new policy. Manwin had a fire sale on the business and they said Fabian was a criminal so we’re not going to adhere to that old policy and that’s that. So that money is not going to be there because we’re restructuring and that was Fabian’s deal and Fabian was a thief. Thank you very much.

See that ladies and gentlemen? See how that goes? How does Manwin ingratiate itself with the business? Throw money around, pay people off like Diane Duke and that whole regime. the whole upper echelon of the business. The Acworths, those people.

Manwin had a roadmap. They came in and controlled the testing facilities and the talent. They came in and bought the propaganda machine, AVN. So they came in with a boatload of money and met Paul Fishbein, who at the time was desperate for cash and had a new young wife and a baby and was having to downsize. So Paul takes the money and downsizes and watches the entire business implode.

So they couldn’t say big corporate giant Manwin bought AVN, so you bring in a guy like Theo Sapoutzis and leave the events girl Janet Gibson in place. The magazine doesn’t sell, the advertisement is basically non existent now, so now all the money is basically a big wash. Evil Angel has 5 pages of advertising, Jules Jordan has 5 pages of advertising and you have Raul Cristian, who is with both companies and is one of the owners of AVN and part of Manwin. Basically all you see is people sharing funds.

The Manwin machine is slowly being revealed. I told you it was coming years ago. And now the chickens are all coming home to roost.

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