March 9 will be a walk in the park for The Randazza Legal Group


Although she claimed she would quit Twitter, no life racist porn failure Monica Foster couldn’t stay away. This is lucky as she has been popping off about the Randazza Legal Group right out in the open and will make things easy for them on March 9 when Judge Rob Bare will give her no choice but to quit Twitter or get her sorry black ass thrown in the clink.

If you do a Google image search for The Randazza Group, most of the top images come from the mentally sick Foster who has been stalking and harassing Marc Randazza and his family for years, using his name and images for her low quality videos. We once again reach out to our associates and ask them to include this information when they write their letters to Judge Bare.

Randazza’s legal group have it made as she is too poor and stupid to bring an attorney to represent her and is defending herself against high powered attorneys. This is a woman with no more than a GED against award winning attorneys. This is great and one of the many reasons she will not show and will automatically lose and hand her sites away. If we obtain her sites, watch out. She will be made a mockery of on her own sites. What do you say to a site promoting Melania Trump’s endeavors on one site, another site that discusses how her fraudulent father lived a lie for years and pretendedto be straight on another and one more that discusses how former boyfriend Matty Holder dumped her black ass and went off with a light skinned woman and had kids. Sounds good to us!



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