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Marco Banderas Begins Shooting Content for MarcoBanderasxxx.Com

Porn Valley- The back of the Assassin Pictures building is set up like a studio for web shoots. Hanging on the wall in a living room setup is this photo – a sepia shot from the 1940’s. A man and a woman are hugging at a train station. The man in the photo is a dead ringer for Marco Banderas. I mean dead ringer. Same hairdo, same profile, same everything.

Well, perhaps not the same equipment. Because Marco Banderas is a former nominee for Best Foreign Performer and Best Male Performer. And there’s the pop capacity. Banderas, who studied to be an architect but wound up a club singer, once did a movie where he works with five girls and gets off six pop shots over a course of eight hours. I asked him about the movie which is titled Marco’s Crazy Dreams. He says he’s been looking for a distributor. Crazy that he hasn’t found one yet.

And then there’s the teeth. Banderas would cream Chuck Martino in a smile-off.

Saturday morning Banderas is working with Eva Angelina. He’s launching a website, in several weeks, and this is the first of the content shoots. As you might suspect, someone had already grabbed Maybe it was Antonio Banderas. Who knows.

Angelina’s getting her hair done.

“I should be sleeping,” she’s laughing.

“I should be tanning,” I tell her. I mention to Bill Fox, who’ll be running Banderas’ site [he runs over 30 such performer sites] that his place always smells like a psychic shop. Maybe some psychic could have given Fox advance warning that he would fall through his roof earlier this week. Which he did. Fox is telling the story about how he was running cable when the accident occurred.

“I’m lucky I didn’t hang myself,” he swears.

Fox shows a bruise on his right leg the color of a Tequila Sunrise and about the size of Tijuana.

“Wankus was saying something about it the other night on PrimeTimeUncensored,,” I say to Fox. Fox has a look on his face like how the hell did Wankus know about this.

For her part, Angelina just finished a movie for SexZ Pictures titled Upload. She says there was about 20 days of shooting, and she plays a digital security detective. Must be the eyeglasses she favors wearing. Because this sounds like a smart-looking-chick role.

“I crack down on hackers,” Angelina explains. “I hate everybody on the planet. I got a lot of issues in this movie, and I’m a litle deviant fucker.” Her deviance gets a workout because Angelina appears both in an anal scene and a d.p. that springs from the loins of an orgy. Evan Stone’s the male cock in the anal scene which also includes Sandra Romain; while Angelina gets it both ways in the D.P. from Alex Sanders and Mark Davis.

According to Angelina, this is the first ever d.p. in her life; but as far as anal on camera, she reserved the first one for her website,, consummating with Tommy Gunn. [Female performers now have to make the distinction whether their firsts are for DVDs or the Internet.]

But as far as making the decision to do it for SexZ Pictures, Angelina, who had been approached on a number of occasions in the past by other companies, said she didn’t want a performance that would be lost in the mix. And because SexZ already has the track record with Corruption, Angelina seems to have made a sound enough decision.

Marco gives her a long peck on the forehead.

“No anal today, baby,” she tells him. This sounds funny coming out of Angelina’s mouth considering the conversation we just had.

Marco is ripped and muscular, and works out about four times a week. Two muscle groups per session, he says. He gets a cardio workout from boxing but smokes like a chimney.

Marco and Eva display some exemplary Spaniardo passion as the scene opens.
His tongue flicks Eva’s areolas like a lizard’s. As the camera rolls, you’ll observe that Marco’s one of the best male performers out there for opening up to the camera, as he takes his hody through some astonishing geometry. Eva’s no slouch either, and her energy’s akin to dire circumstance.

Marco was telling me earlier that the first time he had sex was at the age of 16 when he paid a 35 year-old courtesan to guide him in his rites of passage. Marco laughs about how the passage has evolved since.

“I used to sing nightly for 300 women in a club,” he laughs. One can only imagine the traffic jam at the stage door.


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