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Margold Makes Simon Legree Charges

Porn Valley- They’d have been singing praises of Quasarman, all over the school yards of America today. Except, it’s Saturday.

In a sometimes rowdy and raucous barroom style, the mild-mannered Canadian with the flowbie haircut, who becomes an official U.S. citizen on Monday, emerged triumphant in debate Friday night at KSEX, in a situation of his own making.

In recent weeks Quasarman had suggested that Rob Spallone put himself under house arrest until the HIV moratorium was over and seemed less impressed with the teddy bear press relations tactics of Bill Margold,

Margold, a couple of weeks ago won the first-ever spokesperson of porn debate by beating Simply Jimmy D. Quasarman had also been scheduled to take part in that event but bowed out to sickness- an excuse no one was buying.

This week Spallone had been demanding full accountability from “Quazzieman” for comments made on his show April 30th and threatened repercussions when none was forthcoming.

With nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, Quasarman met the two men under the gentlemanly Marquis of Bacardi rules of engagement on The Wanker Show. Wankus joked that Burbank P.D. had been notified in case anything got out of control, which it didn’t. Drafted as celebrity judges throughout the evening were Layla Jade, Margold protege, Pandora Dreams; Kimberly Kane and some new girls from Naughty Modeling.

Prior to the debate, Jimmy D, who was in the chat room made some mocking comments about Wankus and the fact that fans have to put up with insurmountable stretches of Wankus humor before guests ever make an appearance. Wankus, who’s very complimentary of Jimmy D in the main, told him that it wasn’t a comedy show and to eat his fuckin ass, that he wasn’t welcome to call in to the show. “You can’t shut him up when he calls in.”

Wankus noted that it would be pretty hard to beat Margold on the basic issues of the porn industry because of his status. “And he knows his shit.” Before questions had even been fired, Margold, Spallone and Quasarman were first given an opportunity to get some things off their chests. Margold said he’d defer to Spallone.

“Does that mean I go first?” Spallone asked. Spallone introduced himself as a “long time” producer in the industry. Noting that it was an “intelligent” conversation, Wankus suggested that Spallone add some and wanted to know exactly what Spallone’s beef was. “I’m the last guy that Mike would want to start with,” Spallone glowered, bringing up the house arrest comment.

Quasarman, addressing Spallone, said he had known him in a non-violent sense for many years. “I was making an off-the-cuff humorous statement regarding the fact that you enjoy hearing yourself talk. All of us in this room do. It’s just that I don’t talk to Wolf Blitzer.”

Quasarman apologized if Spallone had been offended by the comment he made. “But I’m not going to apologize for what I said. What I said was my opinion.”

Spallone then asked Quasarman if he [Spallone] had threatened him. “Your whole demeanor is one of threats,” Quasarman said, observing that he had no qualms with Spallone.

“When the fuckin’ kid was smackin’ you around in my parking lot, who stuck up for you?” asked Spallone referring to an incident from years ago and already knowing the answer to that question as well as others. Quasarman said he appreciated it but that was years ago. “When you needed money who gave it to you?” Spallone also asked. “When you needed work where did you get it? And you’re going to go and talk shit about me?” Did you use my name? For what reason would you want to do that?”

Quasarman explained the discussion- when the comments arose- was, should we be talking to the mainstream press.

“My assertion was, no, we should not.”

Spallone said he was in complete agreement. Quasarman asked why he talked to the press, then.

“Who told you I spoke to the press?” said Spallone. “I spoke to the press?” Wankus cackled, saying he had been there when Spallone did. Spallone argued on technicality that it wasn’t he who called the press in. It was the AIM press conference. Spallone also commented that it was people like Quasarman who needed the money and were crying because the moratorium would break them. “I kept shooting.”

Quasarman said it was Spallone who was making personal attacks on him whereas he wasn’t. Spallone asked if being locked up for 60 days wasn’t a personal attack.

“It was a joke, Rob, for crissake, it was a fuckin’ joke!” Quasarman said in outburst. Spallone kept insisting on apologies, with Quasarman saying he didn’t do anything wrong.

“You will be abused from now on,” Spallone predicted.

Margold elected to step in calling everybody, “kid”. Margold was of the opinion that people don’t always listen to exactly what he says. “I guess they think I’m a little too old or senile.”

Spallone said, no, that Margold was mental. Margold said what upset him with Q-tips [Margold’s name for Quasarman] dates back to the Prime Time Show.

“Give it away, teddy bear,” Quasarman interrupted. Margold claims what he said on that show seems to have come full circle and that he doesn’t go out of his way to call the press, they call him.

“They’ve seen my name long enough for staying around long enough to be able to relate about the history of this business.”

Margold then accused Quasarman of making hysterical remarks only funny to himself. Quasarman suggested that the press might have Margold’s number on speed dial for his willingness to talk to anyone with a network logo on their camera. Margold then said he now refers to industry journalists as “jerkolists”.

“All trying to upstage each other at the misery and horror of the adult entertainment industry,” Margold continued.

Wankus noted that Margold seems to find time to contribute to the very sites he criticizes.

“I go into them when I have something to say of value,” Margold replied in his defense. Margold then brought up Quasarman’s alleged appearance on the Frontline special. “Going out of your way to mishandle your talent and look like you’re some kind of Simon Legree.”

Quasarman asked where was this. “This is fascinating to me. When I was ever seen, anywhere, mishandling my talent?” Margold pressed for “Q-tip” to admit to being on Frontline. Quasarman swears he wasn’t and the only documentary he was aware of was the same one Margold was in. Margold insisted that Quasarman was on Frontline and was referred to by that name. “You were talking down to your talent, treating them like cattle. You were denigrating them a second-rate human beings. I was appalled at your nature.”

Amid Quasarman’s protests, Margold went on to say that he had hoped to find the tape so he could show it during the debate. Quasarman said he would love to see the tape because he had no knowledge of anything Margold’s talking about. Margold said he’ll either find the tape or get it from Frontline.

“I will have you eat those words,” Margold predicted. “I thought everything was cool until you somehow got involved, going nuts about the Prime Time performance that I gave and then when you weren’t satisfied with that, what really upset me the most- and you’ll always say I’m just joking- was your conversation with Tina Tyler two Friday’s ago.”

Quasarman argued that he didn’t solicit any of that information from Tyler. Margold said, on the contrary, that Quasarman was going after whatever he could get out of Tyler that was anti-Margold.

Quasarman then quoted Margold as saying, “I met with Lara Roxx in my office on Thursday after she had been told she was positive. I did what I do. Among other things, like giving her a teddy bear. She began to play with it. And felt very comfortable with it.”

Quasarman suggested that it was a tad creepy. “I’m sorry. That’s my opinion. You’re counseling girls that are a third your fuckin’ age. You should be telling them to get the fuck out of the business and put ’em back on a train to wherever they came from; this ain’t the business for them. Instead, you give ’em a teddy bear!”

Margold was of the opinion that Roxx needed one at the time. “You’ve probably never had one,” he told Quasarman.

“And it’s very interesting to note if you saw the nationally published images- that’s all over the websites. There’s Lara Roxx and right next to her is exactly the bear I gave her. She’s finding some sense of solace.”

Spallone said he was going to send the bear to AIM for a test. Layla Jade volunteered the fact that she had lots of teddy bears as a child and look where it got her. Quasarman then asked Jade, of all the times he’s shot her over the years, to corroborate the fact that he’s been respectful towards her.

“He’s always been an absolute gentleman,” Jade said of Quasarman.

“According to Margold, I’m Max fuckin’ Hardcore, ” Quasarman growled. Margold said that didn’t have anything to do with it, that it had just been Quasarman’s supposed way on camera. “You suddenly turned into something that really repelled me. There was a power madness that was not justified.”

Quasarman suggested they then clearly share the same affliction about each other because he gets the same way when he sees Margold on camera. “I don’t think you’re a bad person per se.”

Spallone again voiced the opinion that Margold was mental.

“I do believe that he cares more about the talent than anybody else but he’s definitely out of his fuckin’ mind,” Spallone was quick to add.

Margold then made a gesture by handing Quasarman a teddy bear. “Maybe I misjudged the importance of this bear,” Quasarman said. “I actually do feel a little better.”

Margold explained why he chose the teddy bear as a symbol for PAW. “Because it’s the very first thing you trust when you lay in your crib. You roll over and talk to your bear instead of your parents.”

Asked if he’d dismiss his Margold comments as tongue-in-cheek, Quasarman said he meant every word he said. Spallone asked if that also held true for the locked up for 60 days remarks.

“That I didn’t mean but that’s beside the point,” responded Quasarman who said he wasn’t going to back peddle. He also takes exception to Margold’s comments about declaring himself as “The leading authority of the X-rated industry in the world- no other person can make that statement.” Margold said he’d like to think that’s true.

Spallone then excused himself to take a piss.


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