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Mickey Rourke’s Threeway…

Porn Valley- It’s no secret that Mickey Rourke’s a porn hound. But I suspect his exposure to Nicole London’s Spun Out might have cured him of that by now.

Rourke’s name came up in a conversation I had with Skeeter Kerkove, this evening. Skeeter had called to tell me Adultfyi rules because of the fact that’s he’s getting some outstanding money paid back because of the deadbeat stories I’ve been writing and people simply don’t want to risk public humiliation. No luck with his main deadbeat as yet. But if Skeeter can’t shake the tree, names will be named.

“People started paying money today,” said Skeeter sounding a lot better than he has in recent days. “I love your site. I was at our webmaster’s just reading. I just love it. It’s fucking insane.”

Skeeter wants to show me all the paperwork he’s got on Nikita Denise. “And then we’ll go deeper into the story about the house. It’s truly incredible.”

“But I won’t rest until you get that $5,000- to me it’s a goal,” I tell him. “I feel that will validate the power of publicity.”

Skeeter asks me if I’ve had any luck with Nicole London. I tell him I will not ease up on London. Skeeter believes she’s got to be totally out of her tree for even trying to fuck me.

“The neat thing about this,” says Skeeter, “is that when people know about people being that bad, it costs them. It does.”

“I hope Vivid takes a second look at this deadbeat [London’s husband] they’ve been hiring,” I say. “His stench is all over them.”

“But it has a good impact one way or the other,” Skeeter agrees.

“I’m the vigilante. I’m Charley Bronson in Death Wish,” I reply.

“I just can’t imagine anyone being so stupid to burn you on money,” says Skeeter. “I’d go out and borrow it just to pay you off.”

“Tonight I think of new ways to torment Nicole London,” I say.

Skeeter tells me another Ava Vincent/Nikita Denise story and how it involves actor Mickey Rourke.

“Ava Vincent was all over him like a hobo on a hot plate,” says Skeeter. “This was at the house in Woodland Hills. I’m just hanging out, smoking cigarettes, drinking. And Bridgette was with me. She was very pregnant at the time and just drinking Diet Coca Cola. So he [Rourke] started telling me about some of the movies he’s watched. I was completely blown away because this is the guy that I was really impressed with, his acting in the old days. He was such a fucking outlaw. He goes I’d like to check out one of your sets when ‘the governor’… I go I don’t know what that means. He goes you know, the boss, the producer, the director. I go you can’t come to one of my sets because people will find out. That ain’t good for your career. He goes do you think that makes any difference with me? So Ava was talking to him about going to theater school and all that. But he’s like, honey, I don’t care about stuff like that. I just want to fuck.”

“He really said that?” I ask.

“Yeah,” says Skeeter. “She’s just a porn whore. So it seemed like Nikita was getting a little jealous because he was giving Ava all that attention. But he just wanted to fuck. So they went into the bedroom and they started fucking- Mickey Rourke, Nikita and Eva. And Nikita came out all mad. This was funny.”

Skeeter puts the time frame on this story as maybe two years ago. “It was cool I got to meet him,” says Skeeter. “Because I loved his work.”

“Little Eva gets around,” I muse.

“Then later on Ava got together with Kurt Lockwood and that put an end to her hooking career because he don’t like girls to hook,” said Skeeter. “He don’t even want them to fuck in movies once they get together with him. So that was the downfall of Eva because she was no longer going to New York. Because the first time she went out there with Nikita, she raked it in. She made like $24,000 the four days they were there. But that was it. Every time Eva gets together with somebody they stop her from hooking. And they stop her from performing with other guys. Then she gets completely broke. And it’s a tragedy. I missed the good old days when she did gangbangs and d.p.’s. But those days are gone. She became an ‘actress’.”


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