Mike Allen Should Go Says Taxpayer Suit

A taxpayer lawsuit has been filed this week — demanding that Hamilton County and obscenity prosecutor Mike Allen resign immediately for sexual indiscretion. http://www.adultfyi.com/read.aspx?ID=5657 The suit was filed by Carrie Davis, 43-years old, of Colerain Township, in Hamilton County. It only remains to be seen whether the vindictive politicos over there will hound Davis into jail as they did when Jennifer Dute began making statements about Sheriff Simon Leis.

Cincinnati- Davis asked a common pleas court judge to remove Allen because the affair violated his office policy forbidding personal relationships between supervisors and subordinates.

Davis says Allen should be removed from office because a sexual affair he had with an employee is willful neglect of duty and misconduct in office.

You might remember her as the citizen whose name is on the Hamilton County court action against the Bengals’ lease for Paul Brown Stadium.

However this time, Davis insists that for this case she’s acting on her own.

Davis is a mother and community activist who sued, because as she put it, “Somebody had to take the bull by the horns.”

Davis alleges that Allen neglected his duty by failing to notify county commissioners of an August 12 internal complaint by Rebecca Collins, who claims Allen harassed her.

“Mike Allen has been hanging from a public tree with a noose around his neck for almost a week,” said Davis.

According to Davis’ lawsuit, Allen’s actions have potentially exposed taxpayers to financial liabilities because Collins has sued Allen and the board of county commissioners for unspecified money damages.

“Apparently, his allies are not advising him well and I think somebody had to take an appropriate action out of mercy and cut him down,” Davis said.

Speaking on Allen’s behalf was Allen’s 22-year friend and colleague, assistant Hamilton County prosecutor Karl Kadon.

“I think he’s ashamed of what’s happened,” said Kadon, “and he knows he’s sinned and has confessed it, and now I think I only hope that people remember him — and all of him — and not just this piece that is not really Mike Allen.”

Davis and Kadon weighed in on the scandal’s impact on the prosecutor’s office.

“I think the office has been irreparably compromised,” said Davis.

“I think that it would be foolish of anyone to think that Mike Allen doesn’t think about that in his day-to-day life,” said Kadon.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Thomas Crush will hear the Davis’s case starting September 8.

He’s the administrative judge and took the case after Judge Mark Schweikert recused himself from the case.

Davis has asked the judge to appoint an interim prosecutor and order the county board of elections to conduct a special election to fill the position.

Davis noted that Allen is running unopposed in the November 2 election for a second term.

Allen, a former county Republican Party chairman, resigned Friday as southwest Ohio regional chairman of President Bush’s re-election campaign.

Allen, also a delegate to the Republican National Convention, went to his office Monday instead of attending the GOP convention in New York City.

Allen has said he won’t resign as prosecutor, a job he has held since January 1999.


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