Mike South aka Michael Thomas Strother and John Steven Forbush dreaming together

For those who don’t pay attention Dave from TLC bought Gene Ross old site and gave it to Sean Tompkins, who gave it to Donny Long.  Seems someone (honestly it wasnt me) filed a complaint with the hosting company and after reviewing the site decided that it violated their terms and conditions, primarily the stuff about hate speech, threats and revenge porn and they pulled the site.”

Gezzzz Michael more of your dreams. Your right about one thing which you know who did it but lie and act like you dont know that your boyfriend John Steven Forbush did file a fraudulent DMCA notice to this sites host but what you fail to mention is that it was fraudulent and FAILED and the host took no action. You know that “FAILED” word that describes everything you have tried in the porn industry and your life!


DMCA does not apply to news reporting or on someones real name or a photo of themselves that they do not own copyright to and this article written is the content owners property who wrote it. This DMCA is fraudulent.

Host Response:

“No problem”

We choose to move the site so we don’t even have to deal with morons like you and John and can just not be bothered with the low life nobodies.

“Im sure itll be back up but it brought the site down for a spell today.”

LIE AGAIN MICHAEL cause all you did was drive us traffic you moron cause we changed the IP on the cloudflare account and the site was down for a few seconds that was it and another couple minutes while we didnt updates.

“A few things I want to point out here  if anyone ever should have flunked out of porn it is Donny Long, the fact that he is back and even posting in industry forums speak volumes about the current state of this biz.”

Why cause Donny is straight and not gay like you Michael? Lets see A tall good looking straight guy with a 12 inch cock that kicks around fags should have failed out of porn? Yea only in your book Michael but the funny thing is he is shoot everyday and making money in porn while your not.



“Consider Michael Fattarosi, aka pornlaw on twitter, he is friends with Donny and he could have prevented PWL from even happening but he didn’t. “

Really? You think anyone can just tell Donny to do something and he will huuu? Didnt work to well for you now did it?  DUMBASS


“When we got access to Donnys emails we posted them in their entirety, Fattarosi claimed he was taken “out of context” but that is simply not true, the entire emails are here.  If you follow and read this read it from the bottom to the top, thats the order the emails were exchanged.”

Wait a minute so you are claiming to have hacked Donny’s emails? You do know thats illegal right? Oh wait thats right your in bed with Criminal hacker John Steven Forbush. For those of you that dont know Forbush is a hacker and tried to hack adultfyi.com last night and some saw the threats and codes he posted in the comments here on this site. I tracked the IP and the dumbass didnt even use a proxy and used the same IP as when he was posting as the real John from Metro Talent for those of you that want to search your databases and emails for it.

Now Mike goes on about these fake emails but Im not going to post them as since its from Mike its bullshit anyways.

“Now lets look at Mark Speigler, now here’s a guy that hates Donny right?  well Speigler was buddy buddy with Sean Tompkins and Tompkins made a deal with Donny, helping him back into the biz, in exchange they took down info on their respective sites about the other, never mind anyone else it’s just about Sean and Donny….Now Speigler has to feel like a complete moron for supporting Sean right…nope, Speigler is OK with all of this.”

HAHAHA I love this one!!! How is Sean and Donny part of this site? Wheres your proof Michael? And wait Sean helped Donny back into porn? WTF? How is that? Where? How? LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE But as you will always do you will ignore my truths and questions that you cant answer cause you are nothing more than a old bitter failed at everything in porn and life shit talking loser liar.


“This week someone asked me why I no longer consider myself a part of this industry….Need I say more?”

LOL Michael you were never any part of any industry just like you were never a rocket scientist for NASA. Your a failed at everything liar.


Think about that people, if you are in porn is this the kind of behavior you support?  Is this the legacy you want?

OH DUUUUU Its porn you moron.

“I am sure this post will spur a new flurry of lies and such against me but I don’t care,”

LIE Again Michael see you do care and if you didn’t you wouldn’t be writing about all of it.

“the people I work with, the girls who shoot for me and my readers know my policies and my ideology, truth is I WANT shit stains like Donny Long and Sean Tompkins to hate me, there is no way I want to be associated with puss bags like them, or anyone who associates with them…..”

LOL You don’t work with or for anyone, who are you trying to fool Michael? Serious you couldn’t get a job licking cum off the floor on a bukkake set even if it was a gay set and you paid them. Sean is more in the business than you ever were in your decades of online shit talking and stalking on your blog.


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