Mike South calls Donny Long the next Omar Mateen but South is the one that displays psychopathic behavior

Think about it how many of you reading this right now would be surprised to learn that next week Donny Long did the same thing at an industry awards show?  Or Dw#$#@ Cunn2#$#@#?  They both already have violent felonies in their past, they are both arguably psychopaths and it isn’t limited to them, there are others I am sure.


South is the one that shows psychopathic behavior or maybe dementia might be kicking in again like it did when the moron blacked out and took a face plant on his motorcycle and ended up in the hospital with serious injuries to his already failing, crippled old body.


South has been known to lure women down to Georgia by acting like a porn big shot and then getting them into a hotel room where he fucks them bareback and untested while he shoots the whole thing in low quality from a camera on a tripod. He also has a police report on his PWL wiki that shows he battered a woman. And he must be the worst lay in the world because the women never work with him again and don’t have good things to say about him. And look at the hags that he has to pay to fuck him, not exactly any prize:


While South pays old hags like this, Donny gets laid and paid while being watched by up to 10,000 viewers on live cam with not one but two young beauties, sometimes more. And before American redneck South claims that the women Donny works with are “Third world,” it’s the same anywhere you go. No woman in the 3rd world would touch an old cripple like you, Mike, and then stay around for long. They may be from the 3rd world but they aren’t dumb.


What does your girlfriend look like, Mike?



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