Mike South Campaign Watch: No Donations In Five Days

Mike South

The Mike South fund raiser is officially a failure with only $213 raised in 7 days. South, real name Michael Thomas Strother had a lofty $20,000 goal and we didn’t expect him to get it, but we expected him to get several thousand before falling well short of the goal. It appears that Mr. Strother is nothing but a fraud and failure that has been a fraud all along and is nowhere near as popular as he made himself out to be and with this lawsuit, he has been forced to reveal that fact.

Mike South

His NASA rocket scientist story was also bullshit because no one could ever find anything on that. There has been a long running joke that the only way he could get into the building at NASA was as a janitor because there has been no proof that he ever worked for the agency or has any science background.

Mike South

After the recent election, the mainstream media has been exposed as fake. Now that we know that, we know the little story on the most powerful people in porn was likely bullshit and a story that South wrote himself and paid to have a mainstream media site run it. Great publicity but how is some schmuck in Atlanta supposed to be powerful in an L.A. based business? This is sort of like Monica Foster creating a list of top black porn performers of all time and throwing herself on the list even as she has been a miserable failure in that business.

South failed and he can’t even get anyone to comment on his donation article. None of his trolls will touch the topic with a 10 foot poll and Brandon Iron must have reneged on his offer to write for that place because in the two or so months since Strother announced Brandon as a new blogger, Brandon has not written one word for that site.


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  1. Correction Farang
    Technically No one donated. Here is why
    Donation #1 is Mike South Donating to himself
    Donation #2 errrrr wellll just lets say NO not really. Obvious reason lol
    Donation #3 Mike South Donates to himself AGAIN in a lame attempt to squash Donation #2 LMFAO

    On GofundMe the person donating can make up the name any name
    BTW Donation #1 is one of Mike South’s enemies LMFAO

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