Mike South, Mercedes Ashley & Monica Foster WENT TO WAR To Stop PWL, All Three Now Fucked, PWL Still Not Down!


In 2011, Mike South real name Michael Thomas Strother tried to play hero and get Porn Wiki Leaks taken down so he could look like a savior in front of the porn world and play cap’n save a ho to hookers that popped off to PWL and got popped in the mouth such as Mercedes Ashley and Monica Foster. The best Mike could do was to bribe a crack addict named Jon Felosi so that Jon would  give up the server passwords and South could break in and wreak havoc for awhile. PWL came down briefly to the delight of many. Problem is that PWL came storming back in 2013 and now Mercedes has breast cancer, Mike lives in fear and has cloaked his house in CCTV’s and Monica moves from benefactor to benefactor and lives in hiding, spending holidays all by herself. Oh, and Jon’s little stunt got him enough for his next fix but somewhere along the line, like most drug addicts, he fucked with the wrong bull and got his face broken. When will this group of trash learn not to fuck with the bull? Meanwhile, the guy that they said was behind PWL and “lives in hiding,” Donny Long, seems to be getting along fine with a new wife and an army of 18-25 year old female web cam partners. His arch nemesis Christianxxx works in gay porn exclusively now having been barred from the straight side, having to be very careful not to contract HIV from the risky sex partners he barebacks. Did Donny Long just win? 😀

Donny Long fucking new super hot teens every week and rolling is cash from all the money he makes in porn!


Casa Strother, covered from head to toe with CCTVs



Monica Foster living it up on the Thanksgiving holiday

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  1. These idiots supported Jessica Drake and what she did defaming Trump! What Drake did wasno different than what they claim PWL did to the porn biz. Drake PURPOSELY tried to ruin Trump’s name, business, family, and election with her defamation and false light for self promotion for her shit business! In fact, the whole porn biz supported her, so fuck all them because they proved to be double standards!

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