Mike South threatens to take his ball and go home after campaign failure

Mike South is enjoying all the attention he’s getting from his adoring fans after he has again threatened to retire from blogging. This is believed to be a ploy to get people to donate to his campaign as 11 days in, he has only been able to generate a pathetic $213 out of a goal of $20,000 which most he donated under fake names to himself to make it appear he had donators lol.

Mike South

This is just a big fuck you to his readers by South who can’t be very happy with them right now after they failed to step up and help him financially. He won’t provide a place for discussion if they won’t donate to him. His article on retirement claims that it cost him $5k a year to run that shit hole which caused him to be chastised by his readers as that is far too much too pay for a site that looks like it is something out of 1995.

Perhaps the biggest loser in all of this is Monica Foster who donated $13 – a fortune to her – just to be able to leave a nasty comment on the campaign. Now she just looks dumb because even South’s thick readers weren’t dumb enough to donate to that failed campaign but she was.

One more bites the dust. Mercedes Ashley = breast cancer, Monica Foster = legal problems, Mike South = legal, financial and health problems.


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