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Porn Valley – One minute it’s a Victoria Zdrok playing card, then it’s a Victoria Zdrok playing card spreading its legs and flashing bush. A “flesh card” [] if you will. Monday night on The Wanker Show with CoHo Rebecca Love [], Wankus interviewed a guy named Fred, who’s company has been making “lenticular-printed” products for the mainstream.

Fred discovered that the process which involves multi-framed photos and lenses would also be ideal for adult audiences. “None of my competitors would go into it,” he said, noting that they didn’t want to have a porn connection.

“This was too good. I had to do it,” Fred continued, noting that Fleshcards can be used as a little premium or giveaway with DVDs.

Fred demonstrated with some rough proofs of card that will be introduced next week depicting Mike Tyson pulling Zdrok’s top down [] an incident which occurred in Vegas during the AEE show. “It’s making the rounds in the press,” said Fred. “It was right there in public at the Vegas expo. He pulled her top down and started sticking his tongue in her mouth. He kept calling me- hey, bring up some girls to the suite, we’re going to have a party. He thought I had access to all the pretty girls.” Wankus said had Tyson come over to the KSEX booth, he could have gotten him laid like a motherfucker.

Fred said a single card contains 30-40 frame videos. “It’s not like a weeping eye that you get in a Cracker Jack box,” he explained. “These are full, multi-frame, 2 to 3 second videos. You can actually capture a video in a card.” Fred said a lot of people find it hard to believe. “It’s beyond their comprehension.”

On the issue of Zdrok, who’s been on the Stern show on a number of occasions, Fred said she’s the nicest, sweetest person. “She is a lawyer and Ph.D. Lynn Thomas and she were both the centerfolds of Playboy and Penthouse.” [When Thomas became a Penthouse Pet, the spelling of her name changed to “Linn”.]

According to Fred, Stern got a hold of some of the cards the night he was going on the Letterman show back in November.

Fred: “He [Stern] was bitching and moaning what a boring show, what am I going to do on his show tonight. I’ll tell you what- any of my sponsors-for a $100,000- I’ll mention your name over and over again. So Ba-Ba Booey comes in with my Flesh Cards because we were trying to get some play there. He says, hey boss, here’s a new sponsor. Howard, on national radio is looking at the cards. Oh my God this is awesome. The girl has got her clothes. You move the card she takes her clothes off. He said I’m going to take these cards on Letterman tonight and give it to him as a baby gift. My phone’s ringing off the hook. My daughter’s calling, dad, he’s talking about your cards.”

Fred said his son Sammy is his partner in the venture and that their first public venture was Erotica L.A., a year ago. “People that buy them, love them,” Fred said. “People that see them, love them. Part of the problem is conveying what they are. Nobody gets that these are truly movie cards. People say holograms and I don’t try to question them. But they’re not technically holograms. Once you start getting technical about it, you lose them.”

Fred says fleshcards technology, which features softcore for the moment, is capable of using 60 frames on a card. “You can get a lot of data plus 3-D.” Fred related an incident during an adult expo in Montreal several weeks ago. “These three girls come in and each one is hotter than the next.” According to Fred, one of the girls has a website and is reputed to be able to squirt more and longer than anyone. Wankus said he’d put money on Cytherea but didn’t want to interrupt the flow of Fred’s story. Fred told the girls to come up to his hotel room, that he’d make cards for them. “We get her on a seat with a ottoman, her boyfriend starts to finger her, and then for one minute 9 seconds, 20 feet for the entire minute and nine seconds. She drank a lot of fluid that day.”

Fred said some of the cards will soon have sound versions.


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