Military Hero Tristan Stadtmuller: “Monica Foster wanted to kick my teeth in!”

So this is how our military gets treated by ungrateful, unAmerican, lazy whores that sponge off others. Military hero Tristan Stadtmuller recently wrote in on  the comments about this but this deserves its own blog because of how horrible Alexandra Mayers prostitute name Monica Foster treats the U.S. Military while she sits on her ass and sponges off “the system.” You can bet your ass she would never refuse their money if they bought a cam show with her on New Years eve, Christmas eve or Thanksgiving which they never would because they are busy with family and friends.

Back in October 2014, Monica Foster called me out to come to her house on Tristan Flower to come talk shit to her face and saying that she was going to kick in my teeth for all the women that I have hurt and other BS. Afterwards, Foster kept throwing it in my face saying that I was too scared to show up. As we all know, had I shown up, Foster would have stayed inside the house and called the cops on me.

Talk about being scared, it’s going to be one full year this month that Foster was too cowardly to stand before a judge with me and accuse me of stalking her when she had applied for a TPO on me and she said “NO” to court mediation that first time around. To this day, Foster REFUSES to explain as to why she didn’t appear, even when it the court document got broad casted on this website, PWL, and TFPWL. I appeared in person, which is how I got the court document, she really fucked up.

Foster is a coward and all she does is talk shit from behind the computer. She can’t meet anyone face to face unless she utilizes court mediation. Gucci Kardashian really put the FEAR into Foster months ago when she was challenging Foster to a fist fight over Frank Barbino. All Foster could do was challenge Gucci to court mediation! FUCKING COWARD!!!

Foster is always talking about how she’s going to defend herself if any of us come near her and other BS. It’s pretty damn obvious that she spent her life getting her ass beat growing up, which is why she hides behind the computer bullying people and talking shit!

On 03/07/17, Monica Foster and all of her game playing will come to light! There’s quite a few of us who are writing letters to the court testifying against Foster. I’m sending the judge a copy of the court document which proves that Foster didn’t appear for that TPO hearing. I will also include the copy of that court mediation agreement and discuss how she’s violated that agreement numerous times since then. She tries to play stupid and act like she doesn’t know what’s going on, like other people who wants to sue her like Will Ryder and Matt Holder, but her playing stupid won’t save her. Nothing has saved her so far.

Foster wanted me to agree in court mediation to stay out of the lawsuit against her, what a fucking idiot! After all she did to me and other BS! I’m testifying against her and I will point out to the judge that Foster committed perjury by lying that she relocated to Florida and that she in UNABLE to prove that she traveled from Florida to Nevada, especially for court mediation! I will also point out that Foster keeps accusing Jennifer Randazza of being part of organized crime, yet Foster is full of shit about it because she NEVER went to the proper authorities such as the police and the FBI, this will help discredit her and it will help prove that she’s lying and other shit. Remember when she published that she filed a police report about Serenity Haze being raped? I will mention that also and how Foster is unable to prove that she did in fact go to the cops. I will discredit her in court as being nothing more but a FRAUD who is desperate for attention because she’s too lazy to work and has a shitty social life and she has too much time on her hands.

On 03/07/17, Monica Foster will lose PNT, MF at H, her YouTube channels, etc., there’s not a damn thing that she can do to stop it either! Court documentation will prove that she’s a fraud, a liar, and fucking idiot! YouTube vids will be made about this and she won’t get them taken down because they’ll fall under the Freedom of Information act and the court documents will help prove it.

She’s a fucking idiot! Especially recently when she’s trying to “prove” that Ronald D Green stated that Randazza’s daughter looks like a sex worker! He didn’t say anything remotely close to that! Yes, that will ALSO be used against her in court. She should take a gun and kill herself instead of suffering a tragic loss to what’s precious to her on 03/07/17.




  1. Tristan Stadtmuller wrote this, and I love the “Tristan Stadtmuller War hero” shit and all the photos of military which HE WAS NEVER IN. He was dishonorably discharged and faked an injury to get out of the military. Fucking loser!!!!!

    He has it coming, you don’t mess with Foster and think you can just keep talking and get away with it. This man is a fuckup in life and still single, so sad, he’s like 40 now.

  2. then he writes “thanks guys”, this man is talking to himself, thats all he does. Tristan Stadtmuller is a professional stalker. He is going down big time.

    • I have been waiting for over 3 years now to be taken down because I’m a “professional stalker”! Yet no one will get the cops on me to file any criminal charges against me!

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