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Mondo Video the Setting for Midnight Prowl

Porn Valley- I spoke this weekend to Rob of Mondo Video who was working the Bridgette Kerkove, shoot. Rob, aka The Colonel, was telling me about the Midnight Prowl, series which is now being shot at his store.

“It’s very edgy,” he tells me. “This is the ultimate fan fuck video. It started actually as a website. They get some of the top, new young starlets in our industry, load ’em up in a nice stretch limousine, drive them over courteously to Mondo Video. The actual fans- these are real people who fucking rent porn films- the girl comes in, enters the store. And the girls will literally do anybody who’s in the store. Anything goes. Of course I do believe condom-only. The consumers have no idea these girls are going to come in and fuck ’em and blow ’em. We have double-teaming. It’s going to be a great series. These guys are coming in to return tapes. I think it’s the ultimate in fucking reality porn. It’s a new hybrid of reality porn. I’ve never seen or participated in anything quite like this in my life.

“The people that go to Mondo are more or less the connoisseurs of anything from the 1940’s all the way to contemporary porn,” Rob continues. “Some of these guys haven’t even been laid in three years. They’re renting porno at Mondo and whacking off most of the time. When they actually get some pussy-pussy in front of their face, it’s really cool. And those who aren’t fucking are actually able to stand around and watch the action go on to a lot of applause and cheers. I actually think it’s one of the best reality porn as far as reality porn goes. These are not fucking actors, nothing’s rigged up. These are just the common folk at Mondo Video. And if anybody’s seen them, God bless ’em, but sometimes they’re the biggest losers in the fuckin’ world. That’s why they haven’t been laid in two or three years.”

According to Rob, the first title wasn’t shot at Mondo but starts using the location with Volume 2. “It’s fuckin’ great shit,” he says. “I’ve got everyone from 18 to almost 80 doing these girls with some of the hottest stars in the business like Riley Brooks, Courtney Cummings out of Ft. Lauderdale… a lot of newcomers will come in.”

So I’m wondering where all the condoms come in. Rob says he gets donations from Hustler and Trojan. “The last Midnight Prowl we had Magnum donate some condoms.”

Rob notes that every once in a awhile a guy in the crowd will be packing a cannon. “And every now and then you get an underground celebrity that’s even doing it.” Like Dukey Flyswatter, says Rob. “He’s one of my Mondo Family Film stable guys. He does mostly everyone of my movies and pretty much only does sex for me. He’s going to be a star in my new women-in-prison film that’s finally being produced. This is 8 years in the making. Jamaa Fanaka is involved in the project. He’s an old school black filmmaker- he made films like the Penitentiary series and Soul Vengeance. Soul Vengeance is about a man who gets his dick cut off by whitey when they arrest him. He gets out of jail and comes back to get whitey cop. His cock by voodoo can actually grow 25 feet and strangle people like a Boa Constrictor. Fanaka just makes old school, cool fuckin’ black shit.”

Rob’s also got a series slated with Rudy Ray Moore. “I’m bringing Rudy into the adult industry. This is going to be quite an exciting year. Of course I’ve got my year of the B-series coming up next year. It’s all going to be hardcore, satanic porn.”

Rob says he’s all for giving the average dude off the street a chance in porn. “That’s how Midnight Prowl came to be- was giving the average Joe a chance to get in there.” Rob says he and Khan Tusion have been working in concert on the project. “This is very disturbing,” he laughs.

“The Colonel and Khan Tusion together. Or as I like to call him, Khan Tumor. Because I think there’s something wrong up there and he likes to call me anything under the motherfuckin’ sun. He’s a great guy. He had a New Year’s resolution to be nicer. But let me tell you something- a month after the New Year that’s all over, buddy. You’ve never seen anything like this and I recommend the true porn connoisseur get out there and take a look at this thing. Volume 2, I believe, is coming out the first week in March.

“We’ve got some of the most gorgeous chicks in porn come in there. I think this is going to be a successful line because we’re not afraid to show that a normal man can have failure. Not everybody can fuck a porn girl especially with having a crowd around them. But they get a shot to do them. There’s nothing more real than that kind of thing happening- failure. And it happens even on a pro set with some of these pro dicks. And some of these guys in Mondo should be porn stars because they do a great job. It’s just incredible.”

A project also in the works is Beaver Bus. “It’s the white trash manifesto,” explains Rob. “All the girls are from the deep south and it features all my regular cast of characters who are everyday Joes. They don’t want to be pro actors but they’ve been in my stable for years. Like Jim Long, the 500-pound gay man and John from Milwaukee who likes to sculpt his penis in wax. That’s one of his fetishes. He likes to dip his dick in wax until the cock comes. This is the weirdest thing you’re ever going to see.”

Rob says he retired, sort of, for four years but like Pacino in The Godfather was dragged back in. “The way I look at it is, it’s a need in this industry. I’m not a blockhead. At least I hope not but all the rumors people say about me are really true.”

Asked for his take of the Jim Holliday memorial, Rob had this to say. “Like most funerals, you get people that come together who absolutely hate each other. They sit in a room for about two to three hours and they get up and do their memorials which is fine and dandy. Jim was a pioneer. You cannot take that away from the guy. I’ve always loved funerals because people will be friendly, hug and touch each other. And then on the other hand, go, Colonel, that guy’s a motherfucker. I hate that motherfucker’s guts. Then the next person he was calling an asshole comes up to me and goes, you know what? That motherfucker’s a motherfuckin’ asshole. But all in all I thought it was somewhat dignified for a porn event. There was good buffet and Ron Jeremy took home eight cartons of food at the end.”

Not necessarily a ground breaking event but at least a glass breaking one, Rob went on to talk about the Hillary Scott incident in Holligans. “It’s a project directed by Jim Powers.” Rob says Hooligans features the female genre of female hooligans in America who love to drink, fuck and break things.

“Hillary turned in an astounding performance,” he relates. “Isabella’s also in it as well as Audrey Hollander. It’s based on these morons in England who like to go to these jock games and beat the shit out of each other. They look more forward to fighting each other than going to the games. They do senseless things like throw beer bottles and bricks through windows. We have brought this to America under the guidance of Mr. Jim Powers and have taken it to another level. We’ve brought sex and hooliganism, and they do go together.”

Rob explains that in the scene Scott is intoxicated in front of a video store. “It’s in a very sleazy, hardcore part of town which is the low end of Melrose,” he says.

“For those of you who are fans of Los Angeles, it’s located in between the Fault Line which is a heavy, gay hairy man leather bar and a bathhouse over on the other side that’s a block long which certain big name celebrities rent out for the evening and have their little rendezvous. Miss Hillary, is intoxicated and drunk, and the owner gets very upset by this. He doesn’t want this kind of image in front of his business. And being the dirty whore lesbian, sleazy slut that she is- picks up a brick after being tossed from the sidewalk with a beer in her hand. She literally shatters and busts the window all to hell. And get this- this is recorded with five separate cameras. You’re going to see all kinds of angles of this brick coming through there. And to top that, she gets her ass split open with good old American cock.”

Rob says he actually gave up a window of his store for that scene. “I’ve given my blood and my stomach and all the ulcers that porn has given me. Why not a window?”


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