Monica Dumpster starved for attention, begins spamming our comments section

Monica Foster

Excuse me but who the fuck told this cunt she could spam our comments section with her bullshit troll videos? These links of hers need to be deleted at once! Can we post on any of her bullshit sites? Of course not because she has turned comments off to ensure that she can push her propaganda, uncontested.

Look, this fucking cunt isn’t going to AVN and won’t be hooking up with Sean Spiegler Fagkins. She is simply out of ideas and in need of attention this holiday as once again, she won’t be going home for Kwanzaa. How many years is this now? Last time she saw her nephew was a few days after Dykstra-gate. That is fucking pathetic and sad. What did she buy her family for Christmas? Did she buy a single gift for anyone?

Once again, she asks someone to pay her way because she is poor and unable to fend for herself. And why does she need a hotel room when she lives in Las Vegas?

If she truly wants to be shocking, perhaps she should just show up and take selfies but she will never do that. Until that time, she is just trolling everyone. Very boring and sad. Her comments should be taken down and her name censored from this site so she can no longer sign that name here.





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