Monica Foster accepts Asianswingerscouple’s challenge for a cam-off, GETS BLOWN THE FUCK OUT!

Well, that was unexpected. Monica Foster actually found her balls and went head to head with Asianswingerscouple tonight in the proposed “cam-off” in what turned out to be a shellacking. Final numbers: Asianswingerscouple 1,684 viewers, Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers…wait for it….ONE VIEWER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s a TKO!

The proof of viewers is above. We can’t help but notice her older video called – Men, stop objectifying women, that got a whopping 30 views. Why exactly is she asking this being that she has whored herself out to men for money for the last decade now? I mean, now that she has lost what little looks she has she says this just as all old whores do but when they’re young they do this:

Come on now you are in no position to make such a demand from men. WHORE!


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