Monica Foster, all 5’6 170 pounds of her is gonna take YOU out!

Watch out folks, bottom heavy hooker Monica Foster, standing a towering 5 feet six inches and weighing in at 170 pounds of out of shape fat – most of it located in her big ol’ butt, is making threats to take people out again. She has done this for 6 years now – Total people she has hit or taken out over that period of time: ZERO.

Foster won’t even leave her house or answer the phone much less agree to meet and fight anyone. She has made many threats over the years, including a gutless threat to throw battery acid on her foes but nothing ever happens. When her homosexual father was outed on Porn Wiki Leaks, she made threats to end lives but nothing ever happened. She gets kicked up and down the net on a daily basis and nothing happens. One of her biggest foes over the years has been Mark Spiegler piss boy Sean Tompkins and as thick as that moron is, he has clowned her up and down the net for years and how does she get back at him? By offering to suck his dick during this year’s AVN. Face it, she’s just as soft as the rest of her family of cowards.


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