Monica Foster can’t even get 50 year old deadbeats to pay attention to her

Monica Foster

Monica Foster keeps falling further. Now she has failed to get the attention of 50 year old life failure Sean Spiegler Fagkins of TFPWL. Here is a guy with about 10 kids from 3 or more black women and even he won’t pay attention to Foster’s cries for attention and pleas to let her room with him for the AVN (At his expense). I guess she figured she would tag along with about the biggest loser she could find and fit right in. Nope. She isn’t getting into the AVN no way, no how.




  1. Sean Tompkins is a piece of shit.

    He and Monica Foster deserve each other.

    Come to think of it, she is right up his alley. Doesn’t he have 5 kids, with 5 different black chicks already?

    Just what Sean Tompkins needs, another black baby mama and another kid he can’t afford to pay for.

      • Actually, it’s less than that! Over half of them couldn’t sit through the whole thing and they turned it off because they got bored, just like when she was still doing porn.

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