Monica Foster can’t prove a damn thing in court

Monica Foster has FAILED to provide any evidence to any of her BS claims when it comes to prostitution, porn, sex trafficking, and anything else that this monkey had been spewing for years!

During the litigation of the lawsuit against her, Monica Foster’s so-called “evidence” consist of words and pictures that she used illegally violating copyright laws.

This dumbass monkey submitted nothing but her blogs and idiotic pleadings that made her look like a complete moron. An example would be her motion to strike the case against her back in December when she accused the Randazza legal firm of trying to extort her and entrap her into legal debt bondage and sex traffic her back into porn. I’m sure the judge had a huge laugh with all of his friends and colleagues over that holiday season. Foster should be grateful that the court didn’t force her to pay fees for wasting their time that day.

Monica Foster is all talk and can’t prove jack shit! The image that she created for herself as being a Christian and former pornstar are all about to be tarnished because she didn’t know when to stop her stupidity.

2016 is going to be the year that her victims, especially Matt Holder whom she stalked for the last 7 years, will all get the Justice that they deserve.



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