Monica Foster claims to be in Atlanta

For someone who can’t afford an attorney not able to afford decent clothes and good hair are products, she must think that people would be dumb enough to believe that she’s able to afford a trip to Atlanta! As usual, Monica Foster is unable to prove that she’s in Atlanta and that she’s having a good time.

Just like she claimed that she showed up to the AEE 2015 with a band of celebrities and all she did was tweet that she was there.

Monica Foster, you’re sad and pathetic.

Notice how she only mentioned she was in Atlanta after someone was looking for her address to sue the fuck out of her stupid ass?





  1. Anyone who is seeking Foster’s address can obtain it from the court records of when she filed two applications for a TPO against Stadtmuller. She received the letters from the court to her address in Vegas, not her mothers in Florida. Foster wouldn’t have filed for a TPO in Vegas because she can’t afford the travel back and forth.

  2. You forgot to say that she used a proxy server to make it look like she was tweeting from Atlanta – for two tweets only. Then the pin disappeared.

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