Monica Foster Comes Undone, Announces Presidential Campaign For 2024

One more liberal bites the dust and completely loses their marbles after Donald Trump was elected as the next President Of The United States. Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster has announced that she will run for POTUS in the year 2024, after Mr. Trump leave office. Will the men in the clean white coats please come by and pick this nut up and transport her to the asylum?

Mr. Trump winning the election is Ms. Mayers worst nightmare. For eight years she has stood by and watched the HNIC run the country and race relations into the ground, watched violence against cops increase, and watched blacks lives become worse but none of it has affected her as she doesn’t work, doesn’t pay taxes and is immune to the things that tax paying citizens are dealing with at the moment. She’s been just fine with all that because people like her love misery and suffering. They’re unAmerican and want the country to suffer. Under the current HNIC, blacks are encouraged to riot, loot and kill cops when one of their own attacks police, commits crimes, damages property and gets shot at or killed. She will never be on the front lines, however, because she only supports blacks from behind her computer. Online, she is supported mainly by white men with cash to burn on web cam shows and guys who just get off sending money to whores and getting nothing in return. Her last boyfriend was white.

There is a tiny little problem with this plan however, in addition to Ms. Mayers being broke, uneducated and never having served in any form of political office (Even her own father, an educated professional with years of experience got just 1% of the vote when he ran in Houston in 2007). Ms. Mayers has endless amounts of photograpgs and videos of herself on the net performing XXX acts. You will remember that she attacked Milania Trump during the 2016 campaign for appearing nude in tastefuk photos some years ago and interview


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