Monica Foster does NOT know what it takes to be a strong woman

Monica Foster continues to flap her fagwhore mouth in which she tries to prove that she’s intelligent and that she knows what’s best for the world.

At the age of 37, Monica Foster hasn’t achieved ANYTHING in life! She has no education, she can’t get a man to marry her, she can’t get pregnant, she can’t keep friends, she can’t move on from Matt Holder after 7 years, she can’t pay her own bills without having a man do it for her, the list can go on but damn!

A strong woman is intelligent and has the common sense and education to back it up! A woman can pay her own shot without depending on a man or others to do it for her. A strong woman doesn’t need to rely on her pussy to get food on her table.

Monica Foster doesn’t know what it takes to be a successful and strong woman. She needs to shut the fuck up about the election, especially since she doesn’t VOTE nor does she pay taxes!!! So what does her opinion count for anything? It doesn’t!!!!



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