Monica Foster: Gay African Child Rapist!

PWL is down so this must be posted here even though it breaks the rules a little about posting controversial articles here.


Failed porn performer Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers has made more controversial comments lately that suggest that she is indeed a child rapist. First, she has suggested many times over the years that she will not date a man unless he has retained his childhood hairline into adulthood. No signs of hair loss can be present or she will not consider a man. On top of this, now she has mentioned that she does not like beards on men and this is just more proof that she likes them young, preferably, 13-16. Men her age will almost always have some degree of hair loss and the youngins’ can’t grow beards yet!


Foster will constantly accuse her enemies of being pedophiles without having proof. She has said this about Las Vegas attorney Marc Randazza, who just sued her ass and WON to the tune of $167G and change because of her false allegations about him and also his wife. Foster has also accused porn GOD and web cam GOD Donny Long of sex trafficking young women even though the girls he works with on cam must submit documents that prove that they’re legal or the site won’t approve them for work. Foster will do web cam shows for anyone, anytime, anywhere via Yahoo Messenger, Skype, or via any other off site messenger service which means no site is affiliated with her show and there are no rules that she needs to follow. How many times has she gone “C2C” with underage kids that paid her using a prepaid VISA, which ANYONE of ANY age can obtain?


Monica Foster, the gay African child rapist and pedophile.





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