Monica Foster GOES OFF on Sean Tompkins in Twitter marathon session!

Sean Tompkins

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. No one is angrier than a woman who has been rejected in love.”

It appears that Sean Tompkins, a porn gossip blogger, is the latest victim of Monica Foster’s stalking and harassment. Previously she had stalked porn camera man Matt Holder and she did it for at least 7 years. Tompkins is a former Foster adversary but in recent months she had been propositioning him. If you remember, he had his sights set on her in 2011 during the Porn Wiki Leaks hey day but she rejected his advances. Now it is Tompkins doing the rejecting as Foster is too crazy of a project for anyone to take on, even a drama queen like Tompkins.

In recent months she had been offering to sleep with Tompkins out in public over Twitter. Now that she has been rejected, mind you not by one of the wealthy good looking men with hair like Fabio that she used to demand but by a 50 year old bald gossip blogger that is unemployable in the real world, she has blown her top and gone on a Twitter rant for the ages that has lasted for days and spilled onto her YouTube page where she has made video after video about Tompkins. Her recent Twitter posts are all about Tompkins including photos of him coaching football – photos that include child athletes. She has also posted photos and names of Tompkins’ ex-wives.

Tompkins is friends with Ronald D Green, who is a Las Vegas attorney that will face off with Foster in a March 9 court date that could see her lose everything. Could all of this have been an attempt to get to Green through Tompkins? Maybe she thought she could fuck the guy and make all her legal problems go away. A true whore. More on this developing story as it becomes available.



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  1. Yeah he’s a good role model for kids! He’s short tempered, bullies people, he’s a thug, and he has the mentality of a 12 year old school yard bully and refuses to grow up. It’s ok though, he’s an American success as he writes about prostitutes all day, even though he never did anything for this industry.

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