Monica Foster: “I will never die unless I am murdered!”

Well, here we go again folks, Alexandra Melody Mayers prostitute name Monica Foster threatens to crack skulls earlier today and when someone gives it back to her she cowers in fear and claims she is being stalked and could be murdered. Why would anyone give up their freedom to kill such a piece of worthless shit that is about to lose everything in life that is dear to her? It will be fun watching her go down in flames this March.

Remember, next week is her 38th birthday and it will be a joy to watch her spend it alone while tweeting about being with family and friends and “Oh, I’m having such a wonderful day,” only to head over to her web cam hooker site and see that she spent the evening jerking off on web cam for strangers and perverts to the tune of about 20 bucks.

If Foster is concerned that her popping off will get her harmed, why won’t she shut the fuck up? She is back to accusing people of being pedophiles when we all know she has no proof and that she is the one that is a pedo. She is obsessed with youth and could have been molested herself but we don’t make those accusations here without proof. But she sure is obsessed with that topic. She can’t even maintain a relationship with her nephew and has no kids herself. Seems that she may be banned from having any contact with people under a certain age.

Several people have begun drafting letters to Las Vegas judge Rob Bare ahead of Mayers’ upcoming court date in March. Those that are writing these letters should mention her obsession with youth, low hairlines on older men and pedophilia. The judge, a proud and handsome bald man will not take kindly to this and may be inclined to throw the book at her come March. We are currently trying to get a hold of North Hills, California’s Matthew Holder so that we can ask him to draft a letter. Mr. Holder not only knows things about this woman that the rest of us do not but he has been stalked and harassed by her for years, since he dropped her like a hot potato but not before she flipped out on him.

And so with that, we look to 2017, Monica Foster’s 38th year and possibly her most miserable one yet. Stay tuned…

Oh, by the way, it won’t be murder that will get to Ms. Mayers, it will be one of the classic killers of African Americans such as heart disease, high blood pressure or a stroke or heart attack. She should be in your death pools this year and if she doesn’t get taken out by one of those things by age 45, it’s a miracle.


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