Monica Foster is everything she accuses others of being – racist, homophobic, a hate monger and a pedophile

Monica Foster likes to go around calling people pedophiles and of course she loves the race card as do many blacks that refuse to pick themselves up and improve their lives but she also pretends to be pro-gay. We all know she used the site to call her foes “faggot” and “fag” along with a few of her troll buddies and she has also played the anti-gay card on Porn Wiki Leaks, at one point calling Lenny Dykstra supporters “homos.” But what is really interesting is her pretending to be religious and hiding behind religion.

What congregation does she belong to if she is religious? Churches are big on donations. Has she donated any of her earnings – all of which come from performing sexual favors – to any church? Why does she threaten to kill and maim people if she is religious? Most importantly, why does she support a religion in which many priests have been caught abusing kids? A Google search for “Priest arrested” turns up dozens of articles about priests being arrested for molestation and child pornography. This is the “religion” that this woman supports and is involved in.

There is absolutely no proof that god exists. That isn’t to say that it isn’t OK for people to go to church and believe in god but her actions fly in the face of everything that Christianity stands for. If she’s Christian, why doesn’t she follow The Ten Commandments?

Looking at this list, she breaks several of these and as such, cannot call herself anything but a fraudulent Christian. #4 really stands out as she is usually online posting hate blogs on Sundays and she spent Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day – The holiest of holy days – masturbating on web cam for money. This is vile, evil, deviant behavior. We won’t go into the other commandments she has broken as there are too many of them to list but you get the idea. #5 speaks for itself. Outing her family online and opening them up for ridicule is hardly honoring thy mother and father.

Many priests are drawn to this religion because it gives them access to kids and allows them to take advantage. Being that she is obsessed with youth, young men and low hairlines on adult men even at her advanced age, it is likely that Ms. Foster is drawn to this religion for the same reason. It could also be a way of covering her ass for being involved in illegal and immoral activities. When was she last in a church? When did she last take holy communion or visit a confessional? Sorry, we aren’t buying it and even though we may not believe, it is still wrong to use religion the way she, and the child abusing priests use it. Authorities should be watching this woman very closely. She is already a confirmed sex addict, exhibitionist and pervert, can her abuse of children be far behind?

Monica Foster

Porn forums are not usually known for their intelligent posters but once in awhile someone comes along and surprises you. One such individual went by the name of JayNight and was briefly an active member on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum. Jay exposed Ms. Foster as a fraudulent Christian in a series of comments. Keep in mind that he makes some off color remarks in these posts and we don’t necessarily agree with or support all of his views but he does expose her as a fake Christian, that’s all we’re saying. Don’t go calling US racist:

Monica Foster is such a piece of shit I can’t even take it. I knew about here from YouTube about a year ago, she is pure evil 100% jewish zionist controlled uncle tom filth. She was talking about how you could be a porn star and still be a “christian” or a “muslim”, she is a piece of shit. None of the Abrahamic faiths permit pornography, sex without marriage, drug usage, eating semen, oral or anal sex, just seeing this disgusting uncle tom aunt jemima negro trying to mix religion with the filth that she does is even worse than watching her nasty ass have sex with bi porno fags. Fuck her.

Porn is the absolute epitome of anti-religious zionist agenda. She calls people genetically inferior? I can tell you without a doubt, and I’ve seen so many things on the internet, that she is the most inferior negro on the planet. She is the product of the worst possible genetics a person can have. She is the reason why so many negros hate being black. She is the definition of “ni**er”. The literal meaning of the term “ni**er” means inferior, dumb, ignorant, and one who does the bidding of their oppressors. She fits that term perfectly. She’s is so vile and disgusting the way she tries to mix religion with porn, I hope she burns in hell.

monica is a piece of shit, man. complete crackhead and fits the definition of the term “ni**er” perfectly, she’s nothing more than an uncle tom aunt jemima sell out inferior piece of shit “ni**er” who sold her soul to the zionists devil long ago and does the bidding of her jewish zionist slave masters and oppressors. I’ve seen her stupid ass YouTube channel where she goes on and on about Jesus and Christianity, fuck her. No Abrahamic religion permits what this piece of shit is doing, none of us are fooled by this bullshit either, it’s all intended to fool idiots and advance this zionist agenda. She’s the worst I’ve seen yet. Even worse than the shemales. Unless the shemales start mixing religion with their porn then monica will remain as the worst thing that ever happened to this world.


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