Monica Foster is full of Vanity

Fake Christian and failed sex worker, Monica Foster continues to preach her bullshit about life when she doesn’t know jack shit! Fostard was preaching that this world is screwed up because of vanity, well, Fostard is full of vanity. Fostard is big on attacking people for their physical features, especially when she’s jealous of someone. Fostard makes photoshopped pictures of making fun of people for their physical features and goes all out on trying to hurt them.

This self proclaimed California 9 (fucking retarded), boast weekly about how she’s attractive and how she has a flawless body and that how men would be willing to spend big money on her. Fostard goes on weekly Twitter rants tweeting for hours about hot men and how she loves them yet she can’t accept the fact that one will NEVER want her!

Fostard is full of Vanity than most pornstars! Most pornstars are confident with their looks and body that they let their fans do all of the praises for them!

I don’t have any education nor training for psychology, but this cross eyed monkey has a personality issue in which she sees herself that most people don’t see, which is an unattractive aging cross eyed monkey!



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  1. Blame her stupid web cam fan bois and desperate men in general that treat these average looking women like royalty. Hell, even fat chicks in the U.S. consider themselves 9’s. Blame the pussified men of this society. Time for these weenies to find their balls and go overseas and find out what attractive and classy really is.

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