Monica Foster is lying to save her ass again!

Monica Foster

Monica Foster is trying to convince people that she sold Porn News Today! As we ALL know, nobody would want to buy a website that doesn’t get any traffic and isn’t worth anything! Next month, Judge Bare will order Foster’s fake news media taken down and Foster is scared shitless, so in a desperate attempt to save her fake news media, Foster is LYING that she sold it.

Next month, Foster will have to furnish to proof of the new owner which means that this individual’s identity will have to be revealed. Even if Foster is being truthful, Judge Bare will still order the website taken down and the new owner will have to comply. If the new owner refuses, then he/she will have a lawsuit against them. Remember, the lawsuit against Foster currently also adds to the defense Jane Doe/John Doe, so if there is a new owner for this shit site, this person will either comply or be added to the lawsuit!

Ok, Foster, furnish the proof that you sold it, you can’t because you’re lying just like everything else that you write about and put on YouTube. One month away from your fake news media being forced taken down by the court and official court records will be posted online to out you for the FRAUD that you are!

You’re going to lose what little you have and you can’t stop it! You wanted the attention, now you have to face the music!


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