Monica Foster is SCARED of Gucci Kardashian

This story is a little late in being posted about, but unlike Foster, we have LIVES outside of the computer. Not too long ago, Foster got into an online feud with Gucci Kardashian. It was HILARIOUS! Foster got punked out BIG TIME!!! Nobody has ever punked out Foster the way that Gucci did.

Gucci truly went GHETTO on Foster’s ass. Long story short, Gucci was talking shit about Foster failing at the easiest job in the world, SEX. Despite Foster’s huge history of making threats of violence to people, Foster could only fire back by challenging Gucci to meet her mediation. Gucci responded that she’ll sign court papers with Foster when her daddy likes pussy!

Gucci won the feud that didn’t last long at all. Foster didn’t keep any of her threats and she didn’t post the defaming blog about Gucci’s friend that started the whole feud. Foster met her match and she got punked out BIG TIME!


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