Monica Foster & Jarl Ale de Basseville

I have been waiting a while to write about this, but I wanted to wait and see where things would go between these two. Fostard did another unprofessional and long interview with Jarl Ale de Basseville, the photographer who took Melania Trump’s nude photos. The funny thing is, Foster STILL can’t any special recognition from it. For the past decade, Foster hasn’t been able to interview ANYONE who is important.

What’s even funnier, is Foster was talking shit to Melania Trump via Twitter about her interview with Jarl Ale de Basseville, yet as for the past decade, Foster gets ignored by those who are important. At least William Shatner responded to Tristan Stadtmuller via Twitter and so did Brooke Hogan!

It seems to me that Foster was trying to pull Jarl Ale de Basseville into her bullshit about how he healed her and other shit! Sorry Foster, but this guy isn’t interested in your shit like that.

Now when people Google him or even you, they can see what kind of sack of shit loser and psycho he allowed himself to be affiliated with. A race baiting cyber stalker/bully who defames people, has a history of illegal prostitution that we exposed here in this website, and is too lazy to work.

Foster keeps losing!


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  1. Jarl who? No one gives a fuck about this guy. Melania Trump is attractive. So she did nude photos at some point in her life, so the fuck what? If MICHAEL Obama didn’t look like a gorilla, and was remotely attractive, maybe (s)he would have done the same in “her” younger days but (s)he didn’t have that option. So now (s)he whores herself out on talk shows and awards shows and embarrasses herself and the country. And by the way, it’s pretty rich that a whore like Monica Foster, who is on video getting cream pied among other sick shit, bags on a woman for taking a few nude photos. Kind of like Pamela Anderson, once these women are no longer young and can no longer make money off their pussy, they turn their back on nudity and sex.

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