Monica Foster now jealous of a SIXTY-THREE year old woman!

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We have to say, Christy Brinkley looks fantastic. Always has and probably always will. This doesn’t sit right with homely, dumpy looking geek Monica Foster because she could never in her wildest dreams look like this at any age. It must really burn her ass that at 25 years Ms. Brinkley’s junior, Foster can’t hold a candle to her. If Monica Foster makes it to 53 it will be a miracle. If she makes it to 63 her face will probably look like an old leather catcher’s mitt. She will likely be homeless at that time as her parents will be dead and will no longer be able to enable her or fund her online terrorism, stalking and harassment. At age 38 she already uses cheap Walmart beauty products and wears their cheap Chinese clothes. At 63, it is likely that Ms. Foster will be able to fit all of her possessions into a single shopping cart. But why are we talking like she will make it to that age? Truth be told, she will probably flip her top and lose her shit once Marc Randazza gets over on her. See video below to see how she will likely react on March 9.



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