Monica Foster Outs Sean Tompkin’s Wife Vantrese Tompkins

Sean Tompkins

In a series of tweets Monica Foster decided to turn on her new BFF and out his wife.

A quick Google search on the name and the first thing that comes up is this.

Wonder what happened? How did things go badly so quick between Monica Foster and Sean Tompkins?

Last I heard they were going to share a room at AVN.

Now she’s outing his wife?

Is Vantrese Tompkins really married to Sean Tompkins? Who the fuck knows. Monica Foster could be making this shit up. I mean let’s be real, Vantrese Tompkins – aka Vantrese Lachelle Camiso formerly of San Antonio, Texas has a job and is even college educated. What chick like that would be stupid enough to hook up with Sean Tompkins?



  1. it went bad when foster got ignored. ignore her – like matt holder did – and watch out – she will be on you like white on rice for years to come.

  2. Someone has been saying that she is going to contact the elementary school were Sean’s wife works. Wonder what they think about employing a pornographer’s wife.

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