Monica Foster retard logic: “Men in their 40’s that date hot young 20 year olds really want middle age, crusty old women like me!”

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more dumb and full of herself, porn, web cam and lifelong failure Monica Foster goes ahead and posts this:

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Sorry, honey, men that are in their 40’s and above that “date” and fuck women in their 20’s are absolutely doing it because they want to and like to while women 35 and above are generally not very desirable, gravity starts to take over, they stop giving their men sex and men start looking elsewhere to fulfill their needs. It’s Leykis 101. Men can’t get women 20 years younger unless they’re doing something right. It takes a certain kind of man in a certain kind of tax bracket to pull women in their 20’s when they’re 40 and above. The only men that are stuck with fat, old, bitchy women like you are the losers. Guys like say, Barry Nelson, an elderly “musician” that makes a living playing in front of 3 or 4 sleeping senior citizens in rest homes. There are several other fat black losers that tweet you compliments all the time and none could ever pull a woman in their 20’s unless they paid for it. Your stock is so low right now that men in their 60’s wouldn’t touch you. Why don’t you get the fuck over yourself and face reality?


So according to this cunt, Will Ryder never grew up yet, but he has a career, a business, talents that he uses to make money, a residence, pays his bills,  has a library of published works that bring enjoyment to thousands and thousands of people and so on and so forth. And this turd who thinks she’s a “real woman” and a “grown up” claims to be homeless, refuses to work, when she does “work” it’s getting naked on a web cam and diddling herself for tips, her blogging history and library are nothing but negative, libelous, doom and gloom bullshit that got old 5 years ago, she blames everyone and their brother for how fucked her life ended up, sweetie, you are a child at the age of 37 and show no signs of ever growing up. Do you even pay taxes on your web cam earnings? Time to stop blaming everyone else for your problems and grow the fuck up. It’s getting real old, just like you.




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