Monica Foster @ rock bottom

Tonight was about as low as it gets for Monica Foster. Tonight, she took to her YouTube page and broadcast a show for 0 viewers and babbled like an idiot about husbands and jobs and men that she supposedly has/had. She looked haggard and drugged up, her face appeared to be melting under the unflattering lighting conditions and she looked like she has put on significant weight. The bloating of this woman is out of control. This is rock bottom, folks.

As we predicted long ago, she has begun morphing into her mother. Now, Joan may have been a nice looking woman at one time but the years have not been kind to the former Quiet Waters Elementary School staffer. Gravity has now paid a visit to Monica and will come calling to Victoria Mayers very shortly. The Mayers women simply do not age well.

We don’t know why she does this to herself. No one watches these shows but us and these simply give us blogging material to make her look bad. This will all come to a screeching halt one month from now when she is ordered to remove all of her sites and pages from the internet by Judge Rob Bare. The shame and humiliation will all be over for her then and she should be glad she is less than 30 days away from no longer being humiliated nightly on this web site.

It is a bad idea for this woman to continue to abuse drugs. This will not solve anything. Judge Bare will not look favorably upon this.


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