Monica Foster still owes $166,600 and lives with her mother

PWL has been defeated today but a few good things came out of it. For one, this site is still online and very pro PWL. It might not be the same but the PWL legacy is not completely dead. Second, the PWL owner made a nice little profit off his project. The industry would have loved to have seen the site get tossed off the net and the owner thrown in jail and in fact, they made up a story years ago that “Computer Engineer” Sean Tompkins (Amateur hacker, pervert, crook, con artist, goon and owner of a porn torrent site that encouraged the theft of porn content, a guy that to this day uses the name Porn Wiki Leaks within the name of his porn gossip site) and Mike South forced it offline and sent the “broke” owner to a 3rd world country to hide but that was all debunked later and PWL brought back online. To the former owner: Enjoy cashing your check and knowing you made a profit from your project. You also entertained many throughout the years.

Now as for the topic of this post, there can be no one who feels better about this development than Monica Foster who failed time after time to try to get PWL down and their free speech silenced. Bogus court case after court case was filed as she has nothing but time to waste – her time and other people’s time. She still owes $166,600 for shooting her big mouth off and getting sued and losing but when you think about it, she could have just BOUGHT the site as Bang Bros did and forced it offline herself for a lot less. But like the entitled cheapskate that she is, she just fought a losing battle all these years until someone else purchased it. And even though PWL is gone, her debts are not, her nasty phone call full of threats to unborn babies and pregnant mothers is not (Right here at the top of the page) and her living situation has not improved. So all in all, a depressing day for Ms. Foster when she realizes this does not improve her situation one iota. 😀



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