MONICA FOSTER: The chicken shit that hides behind her block button

Alexandra Mayers whorebag name Monica Foster spent her Sunday holed up in the guest room at her mother’s Deerfield Beach, FL house harassing civilians that have never said a word to her. Her reason for contacting these innocent people is because she has LOST the online battle with some of her long time arch rivals and so she has to take it down to a personal level and contact the relatives of those people. When they contacted her back she simply blocked them like the chicken shit that she is. She is sore that her family was outed and wants to do the same to others but lets get something straight about that:

-No one has ever contacted her family via any social media sites as she is doing to many innocent civilians. No one has harassed her family in any way.

-Word is that she herself outed her family. Even if she didn’t, anything posted about her family was already out in the public domain. She has used her real name on many platforms for years.

-She takes things too far and lies about people calling them pedophiles and prostitutes when many of these people are civilians with clean records.

This miserable woman has no life and only continues breathing to try to make others lives miserable. As we know, she has threatened suicide many times but when she realized that it wasn’t working and that no one cares if she kills herself she stopped the suicide threats and decided to make it her purpose in life to make others miserable. She doesn’t plan to work at a job, her chances at marriage and family are over, so this is her sold reason for living. She is going to rack up so much legal debt and get sued so many times that she won’t be able to keep it all straight and likely this will turn into criminal charges at some point and land her behind bars. Then and only then will she consider suicide. Jail is not an option for her as she wouldn’t have a block button in there and there would be NOTHING to stop people from ripping her apart. Thursday March 9 is only the beginning. Keep it up.

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