MONICA FOSTER: The lawsuit has NOTHING to do with racism!

Monica Foster is going to bitch and moan right up until the end when her sites and social media is taken from her. She spent another Sunday alone February 26, 2017, inside the house, complaining over the computer about being the victim of racism and claiming that if she were white, those “harassing” her would be in jail. HELLO, stupid fuck, YOU harassed a Las Vegas wife and mother and libeled her, calling her a “prostitute.” This is a wife and mother that works at a law firm. How dare you. In fact, the reason things haven’t been harder for you in this whole situation is because of your black privilege.

You have never had it bad in life. You have never worked a hard job in your life. You have made money masturbating and dancing nude and sucking cock and taking cream pies in your pussy. Growing up, both your parents were professionals. Neither of them beat you or abused you. They baby you to this day. It would be interesting to see how many qualified white applicants were passed over for your parents in their respective careers. Their own black privilege allowed YOU to have a pretty comfortable life growing up until your own homosexual father tore things apart. Seems that your problems have all been caused by blacks – Either you yourself or your idiot father. Even the man you accused of raping you in 2008 was black but why would we believe that anyone raped you? He probably rejected you and that caused you to claim he raped you. You vile, disgusting woman.

When your sites are taken in a few weeks and you are finally, at long last, silenced, it will be your own fault. If you believe what is happening is wrong you would show up at court and tell your side but you won’t leave the house on March 7 and will concede that YOU are the problem and the racist and that you deserve to be silenced. All the bullshit you talk over the internet, you would never say to Judge Rob Bare because you know it is untrue. STOP PLAYING THE RACE CARD and do something with your life!



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