1. I’ll be showing this to Judge Bare next month! I failed to show up to AEE? I guess she says that because I decided to refuse to show her any of my pics from there. She knows that I went and that I have been going since the 2015 AEE. She’s just trying to irritate me.

  2. Who cares about the AEE? I wouldn’t be caught dead there. The simps that go and swoon over these whores and hookers are disgusting. The whores talk about how disgusting they are behind their back but they just keep on showing up years after year and putting these worthless whores on a pedestal. Shit, I torrent and stream porn so they never get a penny of my hard earned dollars. Boo fucken hoo.

    • Lol! A lot of porn women look like shit and look like they’re meth addicts. It’s funny, a lot of men in this industry do in fact talk shit about these women behind their backs, from attorneys to editors to make actors and even directors. They ALL know that porn have major issues and that they’re all fucked up in the heads.

  3. I would LOVE to give her a bat if I could have a go against her legally with my bare hand against her and her bat!! One swing and then its over for her life.

    • Problem is none of these online tough guys – including Sean Tompkins will ever agree to a legal, organized fight in a proper setting overseen by officials. They are all cowards. Using bats and weapons is quite cowardly and shows her true colors. I want to see her face off with people in a gym in a ring using gloves and overseen by officials so she can’t claim racism or abuse. Make the referee black so when she gets her head handed to her the race card is off the table. No need for judges as the fight wouldn’t go to the cards. She’s getting KO’ed early.

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