Monica Foster To “Go Postal” January, 2017?

Monica Foster

As we have covered before here on, Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers is due in court on January 3, 2017 to face Las Vegas attorney Marc Randazza and his team of high powered attorneys. Close followers of the case predict that by the time it’s over, Ms. Mayers will lose everything she has left, which isn’t much. friend and collector of domain names, Donny Long is already making plans to take over her domains if she loses them as suspected. No word yet on what he plans to do with them.

Monica Foster

Once she loses her web sites and social media accounts, for all intents and purposes, Ms. Mayers life will be over. She has limited social interaction with people outside of the internet and is said to be very awkward socially. With no way to communicate with the outside world on top of losing her web sites and social media accounts that she pridefully has used to try to wreck people’s lives, families and careers and losing to nemesis Randazza on top of it should prove to be too much for the aging prostitute to take and those close to the situation predict that she may try to go out in a blaze of glory and take many people with her.


Additionally, Ms.Mayers has been taunted for years about her messy family life and upbringing with her father being outed on the internet as a homosexual, failed family man and a deserter of his wife and children when they were teens and when they needed him the most. Add to this her crushing breakup with porn camera man Matthew Holder and Holder’s subsequent marriage to another woman and the birth of their baby and Foster will crack under years of pressure and failure.


In the news today was a story of a troubled attorney from, of all places Houston, Texas, home to Ms. Mayers when her father deserted her along with her mother and sister. The attorney wanted to commit suicide and commit suicide he did by shooting several people before being shot and killed himself by police. Suicide by cop. We believe this is the ending Ms. Foster may be looking for and she may try to take out several of her enemies on that very day as they will all be in the courthouse. On top of which, she can play up the “Unarmed innocent black victim” garbage that the media loves to throw in the public’s face every few days or so. She will be dead of course but she will die as she lived – As a raging attention whore.

Monica Foster NYs Eve

We truly wish Ms. Mayers a very happy holiday season as this most likely will be her last or at least the last with internet and social media access. She can get our accounts suspended but we can always create new ones and will always be able to. We aren’t due in court with the possibility of losing access to the sites that she loves to use to defame, harass and libel innocent people. You made your bed, now be prepared to lie in it in what will be a miserable 2017 for you.

Monica Foster

We believe that 2017 will finally mark the end of what has been at least a 6 year run of terror for the failed black prostitute that has seen her harass many innocent people including children and elderly. She has been a stain on black porn by labeling successful black performers Uncle Tom and House N’r when all these men and women are trying to do is make a living. She likes to pretend to be the victim but she has just gotten a taste of her own medicine over the years. We would like to see her lose everything in 2017 but we want everyone to be on high alert on January 3 as you will be facing off against a desperate woman. Be careful out there, folks.


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  1. According to her, everyone else is doing better than me and I need to kill myself because my life won’t get any better. I didn’t lose any of the friends that she bad mouthed me to. My parents and family didn’t disown me.

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