Monica Foster Tries To Insult AEE Attendees And Insults Her Own Fans Instead!

Monica Foster, all 40 years of her, still thinks she’s too cool for school and that she can talk down about porn fans even as she gets fatter, older and geekier looking and sports giant nerd glasses all the time now. Then she wonders why she’s a complete and total porn and web cam failure. She said this about AEE and other adult convention attendees recently:

@alexandramayers Sometimes we forget that the kids who rode the short bus to school and who were in the “special needs” class grow up & become porn addicts.
@alexandramayers Not all of them do, but many… Just set one foot into a porn convention & look around at the guys… It’s short bus grand central station.

So here she not only proves once again that she’s a bigot, taking cheap shots at special needs people but she insults her own fans who all look like they stepped right off the short bus. Namely Barry Nelson, Kelly Robinson and Anthony Brooks, an obese trio that would fit right in at any Star Trek convention or Comic Con. Incidentally, Ms. Mayers would love to have a booth an any porn convention, signing autographs for these “special needs” folks and plugging products for companies but no company or fans have the least bit of interest in her. Moreover, she is banned from any type of porn convention having libeled and slandered the entire industry during her anti-porn campaign over the past 5 years. So while porn convention attendees are no Matt Holders, Ms. Mayers is no Misty Stone either. 🙂




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