Monica Foster vs Heather Deep: By The Numbers!

This blog will feature no personal attacks or judgements of anyone. It will simply be a statistical look at the online popularity of Heather Deep compared to that of Monica Foster. Keep in mind that Heather is still fairly new to the business and being Asian and only 21 years of age, she could have potentially at least 15 more years ahead of her. Monica Foster has been around a lot longer and is basically out of the biz. Also keep in mind the racial slurs that hateful, bigoted Monica Foster threw at Heather in recent days and calling Heather ugly, saying that Donny Long should have married Latin cam girl Britney Long instead. Let us just see how Foster competes with Heather the “Ugly Ching-Chong,” as Foster called her, shall we? Two sites will be used in this comparison and they are and And off we go…


Heather Deep fans: 6,470, Monica Foster: 0 (No page)

Heather Deep friends: 3,296, Monica Foster: 0

Heather Deep subscribers: 9,489, Monica Foster: 0

Heather Deep profile hits: 2,886,514, Monica Foster: 0

Heather Deep total video views: 22,577,463, Monica Foster: No page, N/A

Heather Deep Channels hit rankings:

World #247

North America #127

United States #108

Monica Foster: No page.

Heather Deep Babe Rating: 4.93 (Out of 5.0), 462 Ratings

Monica Foster: 4.56, 504 Ratings.

Heather Deep VIDEO VIEWS 3,206,855 Monica Views 111,566
Heather Deep SUBSCRIBERS 4,270 Monica Subscribers 267

Heather Deep Rank: 417

Monica 5374

[Note the lower the number the closer you are to being number one top spot.]


Seems the “Ugly Ching-Chong” wins. And folks, she’s only 21 and a year into her career. She’s just getting started. 🙂






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