Monica Foster wants to fuck Sean Tompkins at AVN

Sean Tompkins

Crazy ass Monica Foster has been trying to make nice with Sean Tompkins, even going as far as calling him the #1 porn blogger.

Funny thing is, Sean Tompkins likes to claim he’s #1 yet is he really?

I think Alexa shows us that TRPWL’s traffic is down, and PWL is up. And he’s number is better? Oh what’s that? PWL by far!


But back to Monica Foster. She actually offered to have sex with him at AVN.

Guess that didn’t work out since she later tweeted, outing his wife.



  1. The photo above is old. He has too much hair there. Use one where he’s bald or where he’s covering his baldness with a hat.

    As for his blogging skills, he can’t write better than any of his 10 half black kids, I don’t see how he could be #1. He still uses the letters PWL in the name of his site, he never broke away from that and created a unique name. Still living off his “fame and glory” from 2011.

  2. He took his photo and phone number off of his twitter page. He’s hiding. He don’t want people to know what he looks like and where he really lives.

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