Monica Foster wants to leave the USA like Donny Long did long ago but she can’t

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Can you imagine having all the pent up hate and anger at Donald Trump that Monica Foster has and being a total failure in the USA and still being too much of a scared little chicken shit to get up and get out and move somewhere else? Or being too poor to be able to do so? Or relying on your parents at 38 years of age and having to ask their permission to make such a move (Which they would never approve of)? No wonder this woman is obsessed with Donny, he can go wherever he wants whenever he wants and she doesn’t even own a passport. Sucks to be her and she knows it.

All the whiny little shits that waste their life away typing #Notmypresident can get their passports and get out or accept that for at least the next four years, he IS your President. The other option is to live in a fantasy land and think that tweeting stupid hashtags changes reality.



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