Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers = CONFIRMED PEDOPHILE SUPPORTER!

We have long suspected Alexandra Mayers whore name Monica Foster of being a pedophile or supporting pedophiles as she is completely obsessed with this topic. Well, here it is folks, at long last she has just outed herself on Twitter as a supporter of pedophilia. And here is the magical tweet that outs her once and for all. Go ahead and forward to Judge Rob Bare and get her finished off.


Our associates have informed us that there is no way she could have voted as she is not registered to vote in Nevada where she currently resides as a sex slave and she no longer resides in Florida where she is registered as a Democrat BUT she has confirmed with this Tweet that she supports and encourages pedophilia. Way to go, asshole, outed for the world to see. She should have quit Twitter as promised because now, we’ve got her by her dick – yes, we strongly suspect she has a dick. Oh, and a little note for her, Hillary Clinton did not win and the sooner you accept reality the better.

Some articles that link Bill Clinton to pedophilia:

So there you go, folks, the truth comes out once and for all. It all makes sense now why she has not seen her nephew for over five years. Obviously she is banned from doing so. We also know why she supports Michael Jackson, a suspected pedophile and why she has accused innocent parties of such nonsense with absolutely no proof whatsoever. We now know why she is obsessed with young looking men even as she is middle aged. This woman should shut her hole and not make things worse but we suspect she just doesn’t care anymore. Prison would be a relief as we suspect she wants out of her current situation.


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