Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers Is A Racist

It’s ALWAYS about race with Alexandra Mayers prostitute name Monica Foster. We will let her prove her bigotry in her own words. No words needed from us.


And she calls THIS site a hate site? She reminds us of the self hating feminist whore Twitter name @pinkness that came here threatening to sue this site IF she could get an attorney to provide pro-Bono services to her as she’s too poor and lazy to put up her own money. Why don’t these people ever put their own money where their big mouths are?

Keep in mind that Mayers lusts after white men. Her last boyfriend was white and she can’t get over him SEVEN (7) years after he ended the relationship. The man has moved on and now has a wife and child and she still can’t leave it  alone. Hell, she can’t even get a black man to put up with her.


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