Monica Foster’s A Huge Bullshitter: “I Can’t Stop Laughing, I’m A Happy Person, My Life Is Going Great!”

Monica Foster

Failed XXX performer Monica Foster real name Alexandra Melody Mayers loves the head fake. She has used proxies before when posting on Twitter to make it appear like she is posting from places like Atlanta when she has never stepped foot in that town. No pics, no proof, nothing. She claims she is happy and gay and has not a care in the world and that her life is just peachy and going great but we never see pictures or proof of this great life and who she’s sharing it with. We only see her after she spends an hour getting dolled up for a video (That shows her sitting in a little room by herself complaining about people that pissed her off 10 years ago) or after she binges and purges so she can fit into a bikini for one of her dirty bathroom mirror selfies.


This is just the Foster head fake. She wants to make everyone think that these blogs and her wikis that expose her scumbaggery don’t affect her. The truth of the matter is that it affects her much more than it affects us. We don’t care about her and wouldn’t say a word about her if she stopped attacking us and stalking us and buying domains and devoting them to us, creating Twitter accounts featuring cartoon characters mocking our contributors and making bigoted remarks about our contributors wives while playing the poor black victim card. Her life sucks and all the time she spends trying to make other people miserable is proof. She has no life and never will. January 2017 is coming and she can’t stop it and she will be humiliated in front of a court room of people that she has attacked, libeled, slandered and pissed off. This will be the official end to this witch who has terrorized the internet for the past 7 years. We will see how great her life gets when she loses all her domains and internet access and contact with the outside world. Tick, tock, tick, tock…


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  1. Don’t forget how she keeps crying about me on Twitter for the past 7 years and refuses to move on with her life and realize that I will NEVER want her!

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