Monica Foster’s famous vagina Twitter photo

Awhile back, Monica Foster posted an uncensored photo down her granny panties of her unshaved, unkempt private parts and mumbled something about her White ex-lover Matt Holder, a porn cinematographer. At that time, her Twitter feed was wide open to the public for anyone of any age to see. This makes her not only a pervert but a potential pedophile as well.

We did not save the nasty picture nor would we post it if we did. Just completely nasty and uncalled for. But keep this in mind the next time she waves her little pedo card at someone with no proof. Most of the folks she accuses of this are not in porn and have never posted anything like this over social media and some don’t have any pictures online. On top of the fact that she does web cam shows through channels such as Yahoo and Skype for anyone of any age. This #Nastywoman should be reported to Twitter but they would never do anything as they’re located in the pervert capital of California and embrace this type of behavior. But the world needs to know how sick this woman is.


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